Axonn & Brutaka Color Swap

Hello y’all!

My brother wanted me to share some of his edits. He was wondering what Brutaka and Axonn would look like if their colors were swapped

revamps / base picture by @NOTaHFfan and can be found here.

Thanks for viewing!


These two would’ve made for great toa of magnetism and psionics sets.


Hey, thanks for using my photo :smile:

These are so amazing! The colours are matched so well, that I would believe that they are the original colours of the pieces, if someone showed me this without context

I actually find it really cool that almost all Brutaka’s pieces exist in Axonn’s colours, besides The Olmak, stars armour and Ekimu’s shoulder pad (the last two are specific for my revamp, so they don’t count), so one could really build the red and silver Brutaka if wanted. I sure would like to, because he looks amazing!


Now this looks Epic!

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