BRUTAKA update

My second post here and I’m finally starting to understand how everything works :joy:

Just wanted to show you some modifications I’ve made for my Brutaka.

I’ve seen a lot of people make Brutaka beefier and in most cases it looks good, but in my opinion it takes away his uniqueness. (Tall, slim Brutaka and his brother, short and bulky Axonn complement each other very well)

So I had a goal to fix those imperfections without changing his look too much:

  1. small vahki waist
  2. thin lower legs
  3. loose hip joints
  4. gappy upper legs
  5. plain back

And here’s what I’ve come up with:

Action poses:

now Brutaka is so stable that he can stand on one leg and kick hell out of those Toa!

Size comparison (aka family portrait):

The only completely new thing I’ve added are the throwing knives that are stored on the sides of his sword (I don’t know why I did ,but they are a fun little accessory)

I can imagine him opening the portal to an enemy he can’t reach and throwing a knife at them through it

(he’ll probably stand on my shelf in this pose for a while, it’s just amazing!)

And now let’s take a close up look at the changes, I’ve made:

I turned around the second blade of Brutaka’s sword. Now it looks like Thanos’s butter knife from Endgame.

I made his waist bulkier and relocated those metru feet on his upper legs (basically the upper legs are completely new). It improves his proportions.

Now there are no gaps on the outsides (former insides) of the upper legs

he has cleaner back and hip joint suspension

Thats it for Brutaka.

Thanks for reading, feedback is always appreciated:)


It looks like just the Brutaka set with a few more parts added on, but it certainly looks like a solid upgrade!

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But actually the whole waist-upper leg area is completely new :smile:


A side-by-side comparison would do me wonders :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks a whole lot more organic, both because of the additions/modifications and because of the way you’ve posed him.
I like it! Well done!


a great reworking of one of the best bionicle sets of the soft reboot, very well done!

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Some pretty respectable mods. My only concern is the introduction of light grey, it significantly stands out with his color scheme. You should be able to replace all those parts with black.


I’d like to, but there’s no Bricklink at the moment so I can’t :slightly_frowning_face:

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That’s actually a good idea. I’ll find the picture of the original set and put it next to my version:)


I love this, although the forearms seem really off compared to the bulky hands.


That’s actually a problem of the set. I was going to add those “Ekimu shoulder pads” to the forearms :smile:


Yeah this would be more awesome with more detailed arms, otherwise very impressive, now you make me want to make a Brutaka revamp. I love how you switched the top blade.

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Can we see how you made it