Battle Of Endor (signups)

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away,
“Skip that” Yells a mechanic "Welcome to the battle of endor, heroes fight on the ground, but right now, we’re sending men in, you can choose the following

Red Squadron X-Wing
Green Squadron A-Wing
Blue Squadron U-Wing don’t you dare question my canonicity
Gold Squadron Y-Wing
Grey Squadron B-Wing


128th Squadron TIE Interceptor
156th Squadron TIE Fighter
139th Squadron TIE Bomber

Please lay your character out like this

Piloting skill:

Good luck!"

Side: Empire
Firstname: Harrias
Lastname: Kaze
Piloting skill: A decent pilot, but has fairly slow reaction skills. Hence his choice as bomber as those ships tend to fly slower and are usually protected by other squadrons.
Squadron: 139th Squadron TIE Bomber.


Man I feel bad, I call on you a lot so I might pick someone else instead
Close it up

Closed at request of gm

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