Bee - Plague Mech: Tau

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyways. Because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.

Plague Mech: Tau

Created to be a powerful heavy strike unit, with powerful jump jets and ion wings, this unit quickly enters combat and destroys it’s enemies with it’s weaponry. Equipped with impulse dual plasma blasters and sting blades both powered by the pole-N core on it’s back region.

Created for @Jayfa’s Plague Mech Swarm contest, Images will be on insta soon, once insta decides to start working again.

Allied to Team Hector


Ok so it’s not the Wasp Mech because I wanted this to look a little more round and calm I guess, I actually looked at bees and wasps in quite a lot of detail when I designed this, wasps have a more pointed and sharp look, I suppose?

I picked team Hector because gold was the logical choice to add to Black and Yellow.

This shows off the back and the weapons coupling, the abdomen is the Mech’s secondary weapons core and powers the weaponry, the main core located in the thorax powers the limb functionality.

The wings I wanted to look as if they we like something from tron, just frames until they would be sprung into use. I wanted the Mech to look balanced between organic looking and mechanical.

A close up of the head. This is notably more beeish than wasp, the mouth and eye designs would be different.

Comments and criticisms are as always welcome!

And @Jayfa if I can just submit here rather than instagram that would make my life a bit easier, if this submission is penalized for being an LDD submission, then that’s fair.


I’d prefer to have all entries in one place, but if you don’t have an instagram and still really want to enter i can make an exception


@Jayfa Thank you, I’m having some account issues is all.

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Cool work as always, I’m not sure if the joints would hold a model of this mass, but it looks really cool, so it’s not that important.


Looks pretty sweet! The only thing I feel this needs is a more cohesive color scheme/organization; it’s hard to follow what all is happening in the torso section.


This look really cool and @Jayfa yay cus I don’t but I still want to join

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Yellow, black, yellow, black, yellow, black, can’t get enough of this mech.

Those lower legs though. They are awesome.

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@Sokoda Thank you, this does use the highest friction socket joints LDD has but I fully understand that which is why I’m willing to take penalties on this moc.

@ReeseEH Thanks, the colours are a little hectic by design, by they do all form stripes (more or less) I’ve included 2 more pictures of the torso in a T-pose if it helps.

Tubes are not included in these poses are that would be a pain to integrate.

@MakutaTexxidos Thank you, they were one of the hardest parts to get just right because of the joints and the angling, LDD is a pain to work with but when done right, the results are worth it.

Something I also would like to point out, the neon orange isn’t always visible in some regions such as the legs and back.


Buzz buzzzzzz

I mean this isn‘t a playset you would want to play around with and it‘s a digital model, so I don‘t think you should get any penalties because of the joint-thing

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Well I’m just not sure if it would stand up, that’s the one problem.

Looks great!

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I’m actually planning to create a line of Bee Mech Mocs once Jayfa’s contest is over, then the real crazy stuff will begin, the original moc was supposed to be 2/3 the size of the result and so it will be it’s own Mech in this new line. There will also be drone coordinators, artillery, rapid strike, defensive and special weapons units. And maybe a queen unit if uni doesn’t kill me with assignments.

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You did not just link The Bee Movie to Lego…

That’s an instant meme

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Not specifically the bee movie, but if you read it in Jerry Seinfeld’s voice, then yeah.