"Before Time" Gen 2 MOC and Story Contest *Winners Announced!*

Hello readers, and welcome to...

If you couldn't read the subtext, it says BIONICLE Gen 2 MOC and Story Contest!

As of the start of Bionicle's second incarnation, we have been given a world full of ambiguity and untold stories. An enigmatic history yet to be revealed. In the midst of this, we are provided with a certain opportunity to build characters and stories without the limitation of strict historical canon. What kinds of adventures preceded those of the Toa and perhaps even the Mask Makers? Who was involved in them and what were their abilities?

The answers to these questions are now in your hands!

For the sake of clarity, here is the contest's prompt:
Build a character(or creature) that lived on the island of Okoto before Makuta's betrayal and write a backstory for them.

Of course, it's a rather subjective opinion as to what makes a good MOC and what makes a good story, so listed below is the criteria that the entries will be judged on. Each score will be based on a scale of 1-5.

MOCcing criteria:
-aesthetic (are the colors, proportions, and overall feel of the moc good?)
-Intrigue (Does it stand out, is it unique?)
-Techniques (Does it use interesting/complex techniques?)
-Story cohesiveness (Does it look like something/someone from Okoto, and if not, Does the backstory provide good reasoning?)

Story Criteria:
-Intrigue (Does it stand out, is it unique?)
-Story Cohesiveness (Is it plausible within the limits of what we know about Okoto)
-Style (Is it a well written and enjoyable read?)

By now you've probably figured out that the highest possible score is a 35, so keep that in mind. I intend to have more than one judge, so if anyone is more interested in judging than entering the contest, shoot me a PM.

Now, let's talk about final entry dates. Of this I'm not entirely sure, given that people may want to use parts from the new sets but won't be able to obtain them until later in the year. So if popular demand determines that the date need be extended, then it will be. But for now, the contest closes on February 1st.

Before moving on, I just want to lay down some general rules about the contest. I'm okay with entries that aren't made specifically for the contest, but they need to be something made for the topic of the contest. I'm not accepting obviously re-purposed mocs made two years ago. Also, if you feel the need to add glowing eyes or elemental energy to your moc in photoshop, also include a raw picture for comparison. Lastly, no modified, custom, or non lego parts.

Pretty straightforward, right?

Now, let's talk about "prizes". Here's the thing, I don't really know how well this is going to go over, so I'm not going to PROMISE anything. I will, however, remind you that this is a contest for fun. It's a challenge for those in search of one. If it gets big, you will at the very least see some community recognition for your creative skill!

Entries just need to be posted here before the contest is closed. I'll leave the formatting up to you, but I do expect a few pictures and the backstory in your entry post at the very least.

Well, I think that covers it! If you have any questions, ask away! I look forward to seeing your entries! Good luck! smile


Oooooohhhh... sounds interesting. I haven't worked with the newer "Hero Factory" system before, so this should be a fun exercise. I guess I'll have to study up on the reboot storyline...

Also, is it just me, or was this section of the forums extraordinarily quiet today?

Everytime theres contest like this... only one respond and such, i trued to make drawing contest but i have one contestant after month, and deadline was one week... so you know :l

I might enter
I might not

Find out on the next episode of dragon ball z

Though, this is very interesting gar, I will try to enter

Good thing we pushed ours to February, Jakob laughing

XD so true.

Might do this if I have time this week. .-.

Might throw together something when playing around with the Toa. So, nothing very important.

I have tons of story I could come up with, but little to no MOC-ing skill...

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I know what I'm doing after I build for Dragonax's contest.

Oh mang.

Ekorak V3M4 is almost done.

And he's a Gen2 BIONICLE.

There are like four low-stakes mini-contests going on and I don't know which ones not to enter. Time management isn't a strong suit. D:


@Creep Let's hope it doesn't go that way wink

@pot8o plx enter plx

@Hawkflight frowning

@btmdreadnought Well hey, if you score well with the story section and at least attempt the moc, you could actually do quite well. smile

@Ekorak lel Version 3 Mark 4?

@Chro Ah, in that case, let me raise the stakes a little bit...

After a decent amount of pondering, and some research, I've decided that I will introduce a grand prize to the contest!

What is that prize, you may ask? Well, that's up to you. Sort of.

Below is a poll which you can vote on what the grand prize will be. The options aren't the grandest things around, but I think getting a little something physical out of this might help encourage those of you who are on the fence. smile


Once there's a clear verdict, I'll update the OP.

Oh noooo
I forgot..

I might not actually enter..

Count me in wink

I'm entering.

If I get a trailer done for the Chronicler's Convergence thing, I may enter,

Version 3 Model 4. Close enough =P

Well afterall... is this ccbs only? Or old constraction aswell stuck_out_tongue

Either, as long as your story provides an explanation.