Best and Worst Kanohi (not including legendary masks)

I was thinking about it the other day while coming up with a self moc, and was thinking about different kanohi. This topic is asking which is the most powerful/useful and least powerful/useful mask. The legendary masks like the Vahi, Ignika, and creation, are obviously left out, because they’re obviously the most powerful. Explain your answer if you can.

I also tried to make this different from other kanohi topics, but do tell me if this is too similar.


Best: Mask of flight or stealth.
Worst: Mask of sensory apatude.

Best: Healing.
Worst: Sensory Aptitude

Best is the mask of gravity, because gravity is a good element
worst is the kaukau

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best is the iden
worst is the Calix

Best is Huna because invisibility
Worst is Rau because translation is useless

Not when you’ve got a horde of Kikanalo on your side.


Best is probably gonna be the Mahiki because you can turn into several things.

Worst is gonna have to go to the Elda because its just one big headache.


Best is definitely Mohtrek(that one that Bitil used)
worst is the ruru, I’d take water breathing over night vision any day.


Ruru is best mask u scrub.

Kapura slow down.

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But by slowing down, I speed up.
I live in an odd paradoxical state of being.


Probably the best Kanohi would either be the Mohtrek or the Olmak.

The worst probably has to be the Mask of Undeath, nobody wants one of those things.

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Best: Olmak
Worst: Either Kaukau or Rau. I mean seriously, water Toa masks suck.


My problem with the Mohtrek is all the inevitable paradoxes.


the best imo would be the mask of shapeshifting, flight, invisibility, speed, teleportation, and possibilities

the worst i think would be the mask of detection, undeath, mohtrek(you could kill your past self by mistake!), kaukau, clairvoyance, and the iden(though it had the potential to be really useful, it never proved itself)

You can live on

Best: Quick Travel (No lue what the Matoran word for it is.)

Worst: Ruru.

Best: Garai
Worst: Elda (or, if you’re a toa of light, Avohkii.)

Best: Tryma
Worst: Iden

Best Mask: The Avohkii

Worst Mask: The Miru

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