Best Game Controller?

We have those consoles we all love. Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo consoles, Sega (before they stopped making consoles), or PC. But what is the BEST controller out there?

My personal favorite is the Xbox One controller. Definitely the most comfortable I've played with out of all consoles.

I personally dislike the Gamecube controller, although people will hate me for that. Not a fan of the N64 either. I do like the Wiimotes for some reason, though.


Totally the GameCube. Though the Wii U Pro Controller is the best for Smash 4


There is something I very much like about the Joycons, whether attached to the Switch or in their grip...

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i'll admit to not having many controllers

but this controller right here is my jam

yes the a button is depressed and sometimes doesn't react properly
but i love it all the same
it fits in my hands perfectly


XBox360 is bae.


the dualshock 4 is legit the most comfortable controller i have ever felt


Since I've only used a few Nintendo controllers because that is the extent of my console gaming I'd say the Wii-mote + Nunchuck is the best, but I might (somehow) like the WiiU Gamepad more, since I use it so much.

EDIT: The switch is amazing, it's the best controller now

Xbox one controller considering I sold my Wii U

Dude why would you do that?

I've never played on one, but my IRL friends have nothing but good words to say about the Xbox. Judging from what they say, they're probably right, but the Switch controller is really innovative.

IDk. Tired of the Nintendo limitations

The WiiU gamepad has become one of my favorite controllers over time. Mainly as it fits my hands pretty well and I'm used to playing Smash and Mario Kart against friends with it.
Overall I prefer the Xbox One controller. Once again its size fits my hands well and it just feels nice to use.

It depends on what I'm playing. I like the feel of xbox-like controllers, but I often prefer a keyboard and mouse for fps and a few other game types.


I like Xbox one controllers

I used to be good with Playstation ones and now I'm just... not I guess


Does a touch screen phone count?
If not, I'm gonna say Xbox 360 because that's all I have :joy:


I've never understood why people like these for controllers. Could you explain?

Idk I just use my phone a lot so I got used to it more even though there isn't any thing special about it

Definetly the ps4 controller, and I hate the controller of any xbox, I just hate it, why would you put a joystick so high up, its just stupid

I'm pretty much used to the play station controllers, since I've had little experience with the Xbox