Best Game Controller?

Well, for one they are small and can be held in the palm of your hand, allowing for easy playing, and they can fit in your pocket. Not to mention with most touch screen phones there are a multitude of games you can play, the majority of which are free (unless you count watching ads as not free).

All Nintendo controllers are awful. None of them fit human hands, have terrible button placement (and design), they have a cheap feel. The GameCube controller is one of the worst as it rattles like a Chinese knock-off and the left analog stick wears out into a hard milk-cap with a razor edge. It's a pain to use and has a terrible internal design.

Playstation's Dualshock controllers are the nicest controllers I've used. Every button is within reach, even for people with the tiniest hands. The triggers also became nicer on Dualshock 3 and 4.

The only actual complaint I have with the Dualshock 3 and 4 is that I would like a slightly bigger design; my hands don't really sit on the controller as nicely as I would hope.

I've always been an Xbox fanboy so I gravitate toward that controller but I can tolerate other controllers.

I'm one of those weirdos who plays most PC games with a controller because I became used to it for console gaming.


The best game controller is obviously the keyboard.


Get out of here PC Master Race.

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I like the Wii remotes quite a bit, I'd probably say the Xbox controllers were the one I liked the most. Haven't owned a PlayStation console but whenever I've had the chance to use them I found them to be quite nice, especially the Dualshock 4.

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I liked the original xbox controllers.

I hated the One's. The triggers were way too high up, and it just felt stiff and uncomfortable.

I'm biased towards the Wii U gamepad even though I know it's not great.

I find the Xbox 360 controller fits snugly in my hands.

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Tie between Wii remote and Dualshock.

Tough decisition.

The Xbone controller is sublime, but then again The Dualshock's joystick feel smoother to me, idk.

It might depend on the game, but i'd say Dualshock.

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Before I'd say Xbox one, since pretty much everything about its design works well with the human hand and its a really good evolution of the 360 controller, being similar enough to feel good for the people who liked that one, but having enough improvements to feel new.

Now I would say the xbox one but the joycons are a personal favorite of mine simply cause of their versatility, i've never had a problem using them as one controller (split and on the grip) the motion controls are great when the wii gave them a bad rep (and if you don't like them most normal games that support them have an option to disable them I.E zelda or splatoon) and using only one of them as a controller can feel a bit cramped, but its pretty worth it for the versatility I think.

They're a lot like the wii mote, but without any of the stupid problems that they had like the bad motion controls, lack of buttons and a second stick etc.

The best controller.
Idk but I'll guess I say PS4 because that's all I really have. The glowy bits are nice to I guess.


I bought that at a garage sale in a box of Plug n Play consoles for $10. The game is really boring and stupid.

The problem with controller comparisons is it partially has to do with the size of one's hands and I've heard many a case of folk who wont play a specific console because the controller just isn't their size.


Size isn't the only determining factor in a good controller. Just look at a NES controller and think whether it is comfortable to use regardless of hand size.

XBox 360 controller works best for me.

And if you want to be a bit adventurous when it comes to the definition of a "controller", the New 3DS control layout is pretty nice too.

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My two favorites are a keyboard and mouse (Because that's what I have) and Super Nintendo controller. Because.

Xbox One Elite controller. Love the design of the one controller, but this ramps it up in quality, appearance, and gameplay. It just works so well, I've got it paired with a third party elite charging stand. It was a gift from my fiance, but had I paid for this, I would say its well worth the $150.

360 Controller baby.

GameCube controller is nice too
Good for wavedashing across final destination as snake