Best & Worst Blasters EVEH!... of all time

Not spam. A joke. Calm down.

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Flick-fire missiles! Wait, were there ever flick-fire missiles in Bionicle? NO?!


Nah, it's just that sarcasm and the internet don't mix well.

Also, I agree about the zamor towers, but to be honest I liked how you could rapid fire them.

Man making giant zamor towers and rapid firing like twelve spheres seemed so cool to the 6 year old me.


true. If i could find a way to lock the spheres in place that actually looks good, that would bump it way up on my list.

If those towers were STRAIGHT, that would be excellent.

Since Zamors are back this year, who hopes for a straight tower in future?

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you do know that's what ven and messo does all the time on the podcast right? and its just a joke in fact a majority of this forum is jokes stuck_out_tongue

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Heck, I'm pretty sure this was sarcasm.

the squid launchers and the cordak blasters those were just crap.

Yeah, the point of that post was to make a joke.

@ToaPyren I actually likes the cordak blasters. The only issue was that they were really bulky. The concept and function was pretty cool.

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The worst blaster goes to.....The amazing Squid Launcher!!!!!

The best blaster goes to....The Zamor Sphere Launcher!!!!


I heard a rumor that cordak blasters work better under water than above, can someone testify this?

if you try this at home and your cordak blaster breaks I'm sorry


Tried, kind of works, kind of doesn't.


A friend of mine insists this is the case. I think it could be true.

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That would be incrediblue because of what wave they were used on.


My contender for best launcher/blaster would be the Midak Skyblasters, because I the design that the blaster took and the simplicity of the function (not so much the reloading of the silver zamor spheres into the blaster).

Worst launcher/blaster for me would be the Squid Launchers. I have never been able to fire those launchers properly, with either the Squid Ammo being stuck on the launcher, or the Squid Ammo launching (literally) straight down onto the ground.


Mikdak Skyblasters, Disk Launchers, and the Protector's Gatling Guns are my favorites; the first for the power, the second for the powers, and the third for both power and small size, and how you can customize the ammunition you use.

Least favorite would be the normal Zamor Launchers, the Thornax Shooters, the Cordak Blasters, and the Squid Launchers. The first two for being overused, the latter for crappy firing. The Thornax shooters were overly simplistic, and the Cordak Blasters were obnoxiously bulky.

Wouldn't you say "customizability"/"story element" instead of "powers?"


So were the disk launchers. :stuck_out_tongue:

... but the skyblasters weren't?


The cordak had the giant balljoint, as well as being more wide and squat, vs the slimmer and longer Skyblaster, which didn't have too many extrenous other protrusions.


Fair point.