Best & Worst Blasters EVEH!... of all time

I actually found the Nynrah Ghost blasters to be very easy to shoot. I suppose it differs per set, though.

I did 98% of the time. :/ Like @pot8o though, my cat always tried to eat the ammo. XD

Pot8o eats ammo?


where have you been?
oh and i think the stud launchers are the best

How do you think potato guns work?


What are these different flick-fire missile variants you speak of?

The Ghost blasters work on air preassure. As far as I can tell, the seal may have slightly differed from blaster to blaster. Oh and @Jaegernaut, I don't think pumping the Ghost blasters multiple times affected range/power in any way. They can't store air.

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My least favorite was, like everyone else, the squid launcher, but my favorite is actually the new one, the stud launcher.

I think it also differs from rocket to rocket.

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Very likely. The pump and rockets from those launchers were made of a very soft rubber, which warped extremely easily.


V1 was just an axle in a pin-hole
V2 was when they created the specialized piece that looks like a half-pin mixed with a bar
V3 was when they made the newest ones that use a pecice, a 1 by 4 launcher these are in that new boulder blaster set, er hopefully I'm making sense.

My favorite are the rhotuka spinners, those where so much fun to launch outside. (But I lost sooooo many of them)


If you hold the rocket on it will build up air pressure for a more powerful shot.

V3 of your flick-fire missiles aren't actually flick-fire missiles. They're spring-loaded shooters.


they are used like flick fire though.


The new spring-shooters do not work the same way as flick-fires. You don't flick the new missiles, you tap them in order to fire them.

You can't build up pressure in the Ghost Blasters. As soon as you push the pump, the projectile fires.

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@legomaster1378 you can build up pressure you hold down the rocket while you do so it drastically improves the power of the somewhat weak missile.

I really don't understand. Can you post a video demo?

@legomaster1378 I just did a test both ways turns out while my way does help it out there is not that big of a difference.

Wait, which blaster are you talking about?

The Nyrah Ghost