Bestial Machination: Orikad

Once upon a time, I had an RP called Every New Beginning.

And uh, it was meh

Folks liked it, but I found myself bad at keeping up with it.

Regardless, there was a character from it named Orikad, and he was kinda just so-so as a MOC, so I just posted him re purposed for a joke a long while back.

Now however, he has had revamps and upgrades, and so I am happy to post him here as he is.

gotta love dem obligatory back shots. I took off the wings and stinger for now.

I love how he poses, legit.

If these poses seem savage or feral, well, there's a reason for that.

His head transforms. And he can take a bestial stance.

The beast form poses horridly.

But at least he can sit.

Closeups of the head. Goodness I love that thing.

And of course, with the good ol' inika build.


I'm not a fan of those thighs, they seem very bland in comparison to the rest of the MOC. I think you could use different feet as well, though that may just be me being biased since I've never liked the look of those pieces as feet. I think the upper half of the MOC is really good. I especially like the upper arms and that head. Ooh, that head is amazing!


You and @Ventum both.

I wanted clawed feet, and so it was either these, or the Shadow Matoran Feet, or ye old Piraka feet.

These work well as feet, and also as claws/hands, so for the quadruped thing, having as similar forelimbs to hind legs is important to me. So I'll stick with those for now.

However, the quadruped mode is hardly a thing as of now.

One day I'll change it tho.


Gotta agree with Rando, not a fan of the upper legs or feet. Overall though, it's pretty alright. I especially like the upper and lower arms, it flows rather nicely. smile

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Looks a lot like Knightpriest. Also, did you purposefully name him like a Zelda boss or is it just a coincidence?


Wait, which Zelda Boss?

I am seriously drawing a blank here.

Similar color schemes, reasonably uniform torso frame, and both with custom heads.

Yeah, I can see it. You might even be led to believe thy were made by the same manufacture.

By Primus, why does everyone but me seem to dislike this piece?


I don't hate the piece, it just seems...weird on Orikad. IDK how else to explain it. :confounded:

I like the piece, just not as feet.

Cool MOC. It like how it has too forms, and I think the feral form is actually cooler. smile

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This is pretty good. You did good Nyran. 8/55


I actually do like the feet; though I think the thighs are a bit gappy when viewed from the side. Interesting concept; I would like a shot with these wings and stinger tail you mentioned.


The only part of this MOC I don't really like is how flat the chest is.


Looks like you salty of what you don't have.

/s I love you Vuhii <3


Gonna get my thoughts out there just so there's no misunderstandings.
It's a good moc, aside from the feet and red pins. My biggest issue is the colors, which, even though it's a robot- are just super bland and everyone seems to you.

Hashtags are too mainstream for HipsterRise to use

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Okay, I follow. Fair enoug-

Wait, what?


Rip in pasta spleef :c

anyways this moc sucks Nyran and you suck too learn to moc


so, the legs and arms
not very good m8
and the body
the upper body using the HF shield for armour there looks really strange man
I think you should reverse the upper body
the piraka foot would be better armour.
head is gr8

Solid moc m8
do not h8

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I understand why one might harbor a distaste for the legs, with their gappy construction on the upper legs, but might I ask what you harbor against the arms, outside the thin part between upper and lower limb.(I'll get tires eventually)

Hmm, I dun geddit. Mostly because it's flat enough to flow with the rest of the body, and sticks out barely enough to give it prominence.

However, even if I were to swap it with the piraka foot, it would mean I'd have to do some reworking to lower the foot on the liftarm pinholes.

As is it's too high.

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I honestly just do not like the armour on the lower arms
and the upper arms seem

same problem with the upper legs..

lower legs are were I have my main problems

they feel too bulky

same with the lower arms

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I can't say anything that hasn't been said, really. The lower arm armoring is a bit awkward, the elbows are just sticks, the upper legs are a bit bland and gappy.

Don't get me wrong though, it's a pretty cool MOC.


I derp. *Everyone always uses the same colors. Although in hindsight, I can't really blame them when gunmetal is the most common color among CCBS.