Biggest Personal BIONICLE Regret

What is your biggest personal regret regarding BIONICLE? Like not getting a set, selling something you shouldn’t have, etc.

For example, I was going through my giant plastic container full of my Bionicle sets and pieces and found I don’t have any of my original Tohunga/Matoran pieces I got from various McDonalds in my youth or those I purchased…

Then I realized I threw all those pieces out. Years ago, I felt I’d never use them again for MOCing or just building… Now years later, I’ve been overcome with nostalgia and wanted to rebuild them.

Only to realize they are gone forever… and I can do no such thing.


Not getting that one lot of pieces. It had a yellow kaukau and more misprints. It was about 50€ and had some complete sets


Getting some Star Wars set instead of Titan Mata Nui back in the day.

Like, Titan Mata Nui sucks, but that Gold Ignika.


Losing Jala disk. I was playing with him, I threw the disk to a box and the disk disappeared. To this day that piece haunt me.


not getting tahu master


Not getting any of the G2 sets, for some reason I really disliked that they were using CCBS, even though it was better. Ignorant move on my part.

And totally not because I was broke.


As a child I asked my mother to buy BIONICLEs as a birthday present to my little brother so I could play with more bionicle.

I have asked forgivness for this and he says no worries everytime but I still blame myself for my greed.


Not buying any G2 sets because young me thought they were “weird”.


I got Gali Master for christmas 2015, and I didn’t like the set much at the time when compared to Kopaka (the other set I had at the time), so I gave it to my brother, who promptly made a weird MOC out of the parts and ended up losing more than half of the parts. Last year I realized that I wanted to rebuild the set again, and then found out I was missing more than 40 of the 87 pieces after I did a BL check. Giving Gali to my brother remains my biggest regret to this day.

Another regret of mine was that I went to a Toys R Us in December of 2016 to pick out a set I wanted and I chose Pohatu Uniter over Storm Beast.

I also threw out Ikir’s trans limbs (even I don’t know why, maybe I was just playing and forgot to pick out the pieces after), and my mom did not realize that and she got rid of the trash.


not transcending from the dream world with the 15 unreleased bionicle sets I envision every time I had a dream about bionicle

one day I’ll get it right


Not getting Lesovikk (well, to be fair I was like, 7 or 8 at the time and all of my sets were dependent on my parents buying them for me so, that was kind of out of my hands. I still regret it though)


Actually now that I think about it, I’ve had some opportunities to get more G1 sets as well during it’s run but never really did. I guess I liked TF figs more back then. :man_shrugging:


My biggest two regrets are probably skipping out on most sets from 2008 (at the time, I only got 2 Matoran, 2 Phantoka, 1 Mistika, and 1 vehicle) and saying “I’ll just pick up Toa Mata Nui next time I’m here.”


Recently on Ebay there was a complete Axonn going for about $20, and I had every intent on nabbing it for that price at the end of the auction. …Unfortunately, I was at work when the auction ended, so someone else got it for reeeeeal cheap.


My biggest regret? Not getting more G2 sets. I have to admit, some of them were really great.


Lets see:

  1. Not buying Ehlek when I got the chance. What make this even worse is that, there’s only one left at that time. Although, looking back, I’m kinda relieved that i didnt, cause decade later, I found out that Ehlek has Lime joint syndrome.

  2. Taking apart my Tuma and Fero & Skirmix (aka my ONLY Titan sets)so that I could build a bigger, Makuta moc. Worse, I tear the stickers on Tuma’s head for reason I cant remember why. And it doesn’t have anything to do with the MOC.

  3. And lastly, I kind of regret that I didn’t buy more of the g1 ‘good side’ sets (Like the Toa, the Glatorian), cause back then, I like villains waaay more than heroes cause as a kid, I think heroes are lame. I do however have 1 and only ‘good side’ set, and it’s Tarduk.


Not getting involved in the community sooner.


Additionally: I had the choice between quakebeast and „Toa“ Ekimu. Well I chose quakebeast


Hm… I also have another one:

Several larger sets were not sold in stores in Germany. So I had actually no idea they existed. That way I missed out on Umbra, Karzahni, Lesovikk, Icarax, Mazeka and '08 Takanuva.

I remember my dad ordering some Bionicle sets for my birthday via internet and asking whether I wanted Umbra. And I legit thought Umbra was fake. I never saw him before, I never heard of him before, and he was far too colourful to be credible as a set. So I declined.

And Icarax and '08 Takanuva I saw displayed at Legoland (Germany), but they also were not selling them, so I thought they either weren’t released yet, or they are not actual sets you can buy.

By now I have most of all of these sets, but some part variations that came only in those I’m still missing. Only Umbra, Lesovikk and Icarax are complete.

Also did this with my sister - I made her ask for Hahli and Kopeke for her birthday in '03. We used to play together, of course, but… smart elder sibling move, I suppose.


My parents never bought high-praced toy to me, and often forgot my birthday. So I couldn’t get many Box-sets in young age.
and When I became can get money myself, BIONICLE has already almost ended. :cry: :cry: :cry:

I think I was should be more selfish, LOL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: