[Biocraft set concepts] The great Telescope and Ta Koro Suva

Hi it’s Sokoda and today I’m here with another set concept,

But it’s no Brickonicle today, who cares about that…
It’s Biocraft Chronicles of cause!

If you ever asked what Bionicle would look like as a system Minecraft theme, look no further, because I built two sets to show you that Lego system Biocraft could work^^

1. The great Telescope

2. Ta-Koro Suva

With the theatrical relese of Biocraft chronicles Lego Biocraft is a guaranteed hit theme, goodbye Ninjago I guess…



These look amazing. I love the prints. I also love the Fiku spider.

Who said it was going to be a threatical release?

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There is a theatrical trailer^^, although it’s a bit old


I want the Minecraft theme cancelled. I want THIS.

Seriously they are so cool! How did you made their face prints?


I discovered, that LDD has a couple of prints for the Minecraft heads, and whenever there are prints for pieces available in LDD I can replace them with my own designs by using LDD-to PoV Ray

These are amazing!

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0/10. No burnt husk of le-wahi, bare minimum bandits volcano stronghold, or the last civilization of ko-wahi. I am greatly dissatisfied and I cannot recommend a bohrok to one who would fail to mention such great events
BohrokFan out

0/10 no Kapura moving along like you know he does.

10/10 Fikou.


Here is your Kapura, took him a bit longer, because he was practicing. But he finally learned the secret art of traveling great distances by moving very slowly.

@ToaNoah_Wafflemeister [quote=“ToaNoah_Wafflemeister, post:7, topic:48923”]
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Raises hand as well!


Ohh neat. The red Minecraft sword works well

He’s beautiful…

I’m actually amazed you humoured me.

Excellent. 10/10 would purchase.


I love everything about this. Once again you’ve out done yourself Sokoda, though I think the Ta-Suva is a little difficult to recognize for what it is, and I have no idea how one could fix that.

At this point I want you to start doing Lego Architecture style models of Bionicle Locales, or even just the Telescope. 10/10 would buy if real. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for your comment Kini!
I think you are right about the Ta-Suva, with that one I was trying to build it as close to the Biocraft Map as possible I was using this image as a reference, but I think its hard to build something thats basicly a dome with only square minecraft blocks^^
With the telescope I took some liberties mostly to scale the whole thing down.

About the Archytecture style models, I already had some ideas for something like this… I think after my current project I might start with building it

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