BioCraft: The Island of Mata Nui and Skins

:smiley: Aaay! I get to be an old dude!

And secondly, can we jump on in the middle? I won't be home till around five.


Only if I had a Minecraft account, my brother has one, perhaps I can ask if I can use his account for a time.

I should be able to make it, even though I have a lecture before and after the scheduled time.

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A few days latter I had a second dream.

It was once again about finding the easter eggs, although this time I was doing myself (I think @Calebmar12 was still there) . It was also very much like the real me was running around the island, and there was no flying this time.

The first location I visited was a fancy modern house, somewhat reminiscent of the Iron Man mansion from the movie type things. Once I journeyed inside, I reached a room with large screens covering the walls, but also a large window over the ocean. There where many soft blankets in the centre of the room, which I fell asleep in. Sometime latter I woke up, very groggy, and moved on.

Then I entered a large flying stadium type thing. This Stadium was being used for pod racing. This one was very weird.

That is about all I can remember...


Going to be in after school, which is after 3:30 where I am, going to get my Toa of Lightning skin ready for it.

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man... I really do need a computer

I really need a fast computer that supports the jungle Biome but I do hope for this to be posted to pe.

It most likely won't be ported over to Win10/PE,sorry


Pictured: Garnl G1, Garnl G2 (WIP), and my Minecraft merch collection.


How do I change my minecraft skin to one of the linked skins?

Jeez, that was horrifying

What was?

Oh, I just left, I have a lecture in half an hour, and I planned to get there early. Anyways, the Biocraft server was too laggy, so we joined a random faction server. There were so many people on voice chat.

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That sure was something, all right

As soon as our dedicated server gets their act together and actually puts it up, we'll announce a new time. Until then, thanks for turning that into a positive experience despite the problems. XD


"Hey everybody, I'm going to ask you some questions. What's your favorite Toa?"




It was really fun, I wish I realized my push-to-talk wasn't working a bit sooner, I was basically talking to a brick wall. But yeah, a nice experience to have before an exam, I hope Biocraft will be just as fun.

P.S. You did ask for it, and you got what you asked for.

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well the server was fun
but I felt like I could've gained Motion Sickness
due to the Minecarts
and the Lag
I was basically stuck in one Place

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Same. Anyone know how to fix that?

I just reset the key I used to push-to-talk, started working fine afterwards

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RIP next time i wont go to sleep at 1:30 am when i have to wake up at 7:00 am hope whatever happened was enjoyable

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