BioCraft: The Island of Mata Nui and Skins

It was worth the three hour nap.

Saddly, I missed it. It sounded fun, so hopefully I'll be able to make it next time.


Big Papa Ven-Ven needs more dedotated wam...


Wow, I finally get back to this topic to find I just missed the game night.

I have stellar timing.


ive been waiting so long for it, and on the day of it, my computer lags out and breaks, i rember the ealry days years ago i waited, i waited, now as of course fate would have it,i couldnt join, waiting for years, i rember when you guys uploaded videos to say it was being delayed, i waited for the game nigth for years, and of course of the day of it fate killed my pc for the day, fate you evil demon from the firey pits of the underworld, curse thee for a lifetime oh evil fate. get cursed fate, get cursed... ( if you cant tell im a little annoyed at fate)

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Well the server crashed, so the actual full blown event hasn't happened. If your pc works by then, you can participate.


Well, I hope to be able to enjoy this opportunity to meet some fellow Bionicle fans. but, first a few things: 1 cue Ode To Joy chorus on Biocraft's release finally and also 2 my skin's Master Kopaka. Hehehehe! way ahead of you guys on bionicle skins So, can't wait for the next time the server's up. @Eljay could I have the IP please; I would like to explore around. I guess all that's left to say is HEEELLLLO TTV!!!!
"I always wanted to loud-shout that." had to do it.

The server itself isn't up, it wasn't during the first game night, they had to compromise and it failed. So there isn't an IP

thanks. still after 5 long years of waiting it has finally arrived.

Same here buddy...

What time will the server reopen?

My thoughts exactly.


so happy i got my pc fixed ready for this.:smiley:

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as you all can see with this image, i am so ready for the server.

edit: ok, with THIS image you can all see that im ready for the server

got it. @Eljay


here are some of the photos i took today:

i will try to take more photos tomorrow.


Man, nice pictures with the shaders!

Edit: Also, go figure in the one picture I'm complaining about the lag I was getting. :stuck_out_tongue:


Man, Ko-koro looks sick.

very nice pics indeed.