BioCraft: The Island of Mata Nui and Skins

I probably won't have time tonight to play, but hopefully tomorrow I can get on. When is the map being released?
EDIT: Is there a file with all of the skins and other accessories?

Had a great time last night.

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If you have the discord app (or however that works) you can join the TTV game night group, then look under the pinned items and there are links to the skins. There is probably also a link somewhere in this topic.


Here's a question I have for everyone: Which of the Koros was the hardest for you to find? Mine were, from most tricky to second most tricky: Ko-Koro and Le-Koro.

the newest batch of photos:


These are very nice photos; who's the shadowy guy in Vakama's hut?

me, thats my skin.

none, just a bare boned skin i made because i like the colors of black and red.

im not good at creating a good looking skin in Minecraft.

huh is it a makuta variant or just a shadow person?

Can someone help me with this?

My username is Romaji.

Maybe try logging out of Minecraft and logging back in?

Wait? The server is premium!?


I found the Muaka attack, the Makuta shrine, and Lewa's canister (not pictured in order).

Additionally, I found Another Hafu Original.


I found a big space underneath the Le-Koro tree. Is this the Great Tree Rooms?

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no, it is not, its inside the tree




I see that The Masters sports a new title of "Honoring the Chronicle", understand it's a Easter Egg hunt game, right?

EDIT: Oh it's for Biocraft, okay now I get it!

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So I found almost all of the landmarks except the Kini Nui pathway and Midak's lab. Oh well! :stuck_out_tongue: Still had a blast playing on this server and discovering all of the Easter eggs, even if I didn't screenshot them properly. It was great to see the fruits of TTV's labor and I can't wait for another opportunity to do this again (survival/Koro-based factions?).

Special thanks to @Poto_The_Potato, @Nidiki, @SpaceCalamari, and @Mesonak for helping me find everything, and thanks to @Eljay for being a gracious host.


@Eljay May I ask when the mata nui island map will be up for download? If you don't mind my asking.