BioCraft: The Island of Mata Nui and Skins

Oh yeah.
This was a thing.

Oh well.

This was an amazing map. Survival mode for it would make it even better.

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I think a Koro Vs Koro PvP event would be cool, or some kind of capture the flag


You mean Faction Server :stuck_out_tongue:

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I still remember my brother getting stuck in the mouth on the beach, that thing is a killer literally, people got stuck there, some even...sufficed in a wall, but other then that it was amazing, I remember playing mnol and used that knowledge to help my brother find his way, even if he still got lost.


That got so bad they ended up destroying the wall at the end of the exit. It seemed every half an hour someone was getting stuck in holes as well, (yours truly included) and needed someone to kill them to take their precious minecarts and to get them unstuck.

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Why am I in so many of those pictures... Lol

Anyways, Biocraft has been really fun! And for one reason or another, people came to me for help with the easter eggs and stuff, so I guess I got kinda famous on there, hehe. Still, awesome time on there!



Yeah, I really appreciate the people who helped me. The map was fun and really big, even if I did get stuck in a hole.

The battle royal at the end of the server was amazing. It was great seeing everyone group up on the sand dunes above to watch the carnage below.

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Because you kinda flooded the chat like 24/7
.... ;D


I got kicked from the server because of "spam". I misspelled a word two times and repeated a question once...

Do not double post. Thank you - Eljay

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I forgot about this... I wanted to play

It may or may not have been me saying ask nidiki to help you or nidiki can help you, so........ Sorry bro

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The server is currently closed to the public. I recommend keeping an eye out for more Biocraft content in the not-so-distant future.

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To be fair, he did so while hunting Makuta, so I commend him for that.

do you have any idea as to a specific time that we can expect the server or map download to be up?

Nope. I believe @Eljay will have a better idea.

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Wait. Didn't this start off as a minecraft movie? Or am I wrong? Please tell me.

In the original idea, there was a series called 'Biocraft Chronicles" that used the map as the set and it would basically be a sort of retelling of the MNOG 1 and 2 and maybe Mask of Light story in Minecraft. But, for reasons that I-and probably most folks except the cast members involved-don't know, Biocraft Chronicles never truly saw the light of day; probably due to the sheer amount of work on animation and scripting on top of the already insane task of reconstructing the island of Mata Nui. I hope this helps to answer your questions. I would ask the TTV cast members-eljay, meso, kahi for example-involved just so you can get your answer from a better source.

What's the new server IP?