BioCraft: The Island of Mata Nui and Skins

You will need to join the Discord chat to get the IP.




Additionally, here are the skins we currently have out:

6 Toa Skins
6 Turaga Skins
76 Matoran Skins

If you’ve been watching the livestream, you’ll have just found out that this is my Christmas present to all of you. You guys have waited long enough for the island, and now, it is here. Thank you all so much for trying it out and testing it, and putting it through it’s paces. I hope it lives up to all your expectations.


Thanks Eljay


Can’t wait to add a bunch of Matoran with some mods

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Okay so I have a few questions…

How does this download work? As in how do I activate it in the game once it’s downloaded?
Also is this the multiplayer server? I’m unsure because Discord never worked for me during game nights for some reason.

No, this is a map file that you need to download and drop into the appropriate folder in your game files. Here’s tutorial on how to do it.

The map isn’t multiplayerby default. However, you can fairly easily load the island into a Minecraft Realm in order to play with friends (the first month of Realms is free).

Ah okay thanks. So will there be a multiplayer server publicly available at some point?

I believe Eljay is much better qualified to answer that question.

However, keep in mind that servers cost money to host and run. I imagine there would have to be a very high demand for it.

Gday Eljay. Is there a specific mod or teaxture pack that we need for the island or is it just on plain minecraft

Hey @Eljay, Just posted on FB a link to the post with the map download and did credit the TTV cast so no plagiarism out of me.

So are there any more plans on future minecraft gamenights or are they over?

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It’s just on plain Minecraft although if you want to use mods or texture packs with the map, you can. I think there might even be a Bionicle resource pack being produced by someone, but I don’t know how actively it’s being produced.

These last two were incredibly fun, so I think it’s safe to say there will be another in the future. Just maybe not immediately as the server hosting platform Eljay was using is expensive.



UMMMMM, it downloaded as a PDF. . . is that supposed to happen?

No, it should download as a .rar. I recommend double-checking your browser’s default download settings.

Will it be on Discord again? Because that never worked for me for whatever reason. I hated missing out on them.

Could be that my Discord file doesn’t work on Mac but that’s just a guess.

If you’re on a Mac it may not recognize a .rar file.

What I did was use an Application called Unarchiver. That fixed the issue.

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Were you sure to select the Mac download link (found near the bottom of this page)?

If that doesn’t work, I recommend trying to use the desktop application (just click “Open Discord” on this page).

What’s the best way to download the map and open the .rar file for a Mac? Do I need another whole application or can I just download a ZIP file somewhere?

EDIT: @legomaster1378 You seem to know about this sort of thing. Could you help me out, perchance? Thanks.

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I’m not very familiar with the Mac OS, but here’s a tutorial from the Minecraft Wiki that should help you and any other Mac users that are having problems.