Biocron - Part 1 (Updated: 1/18/2015)

So I’m working on a Bionicle “Reboot” called Biocron. Biocron is basically a reboot of Bionicle through the use of an alternative universe. Now due to the fact that this is the Lego CREATION category, I won’t post much story stuff here. Instead, I’ll post finished images of Characters that I’ve built in LDD. Get your Matoran notes ready!

This Wave is the Nuva Council. [Post 1/5]

I will try to answer any questions you have and I don’t care if it’s a silly question. ASK AWAY!
Thoughts too please.

If curious about how the story is coming along go here: Biocron: The Uprising Solution


dat fat onua tho

Other than that, these are aight. I especially like Pohatu for some reason.


I like Lewa and Pohatu, have no idea what’s going on with Onua, and am ambivalent about the others. Tuma is… very similar to the actual Tuma, honestly.

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I do admit that some of these figures are based on their original design, to an extent. The hip-joint piece introduced in 2004 is not in LDD, so I’ve had to continuously use this part:

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#Mighty Tuma 10/10

Honestly these are pretty good with the exception of Onua.


I’ll see about making a new version.

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I agree with everyone else, the Onua definitely needs improvement. And Kopaka is a bit boring. The rest are great though, I especially like Gali!


I really like Gali, but Tahu has too much silver, IMO. And Pohatu is also awesome.

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Onua is updated!

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eh…IDK about the claws but overall a very good update

Onua is much better than the previous version - I’ll take a slightly hollow torso over a literally rectangular one.

And it’s a custom torso as well.

Same here.

Okay now, I’m a bit curious about some opinions for the next wave…

  1. Background or no background? Deal is that having a background has me take longer to finish the images(the first wave was completed prior to my joining of the message boards). Note: After I post the next wave, I’ll get to work on the backgrounds immediately if you still want them.
  2. Matoran or Agori or both? If neither, the next wave will be Glatorian(+ Telluris).
  3. Question, Sand Tribe Glatorian; He or She?

This. Break the normal genders up.


ditto Ekorak.

Anothe review from customer side: lets start with Almighty 6 (toa) overall they are fine, but needs some improvement, gali’s shield is preety complex, so kids might have trouble making it, onuas claws and overall design are preety meh’ish, tho i like that hf brain atack torsos feels like neat, fast blocking, shields, tuma tho is preety boring and feels like its not realy worth the price. Overall first wave wouldnt keep me for long unless other will get improvements

Waves 1-4 would be released together.

This Wave is the Matoran. [Post 2/5]

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Okay then, is it bad that I thought when you said this

I thought you said willion midget?

In all seriousness, as simple as these are, I quite like them
I really do like the colours for the last one tho