BIONICLE 2015 Age-range

We all know that Bionicle 2015 is going to be aimed towards children 8-12.

But, that doesn't mean it can't change.

Bionicle 2015 will be 8-12.

But, that just means that anybody who gets in to Bionicle at that age, will, most likely, still be into Bionicle by the next year.

So, the age-range will have to accommodate that.

(Here's my question: Did Hero a Factory adapt to age-range? Or no?)

Here is my prediction for the age ranges as the years progress:

2016: 8-13
2017: 9-14

14 is as pretty high as BIONICLE got, right?

If this new line of Bionicle continued, we might get some more mature content.

The thing is, we won't get mature content for around 2-3 years.

So, everyone aboard the merry-go-round! We'll get on the roller coaster later... much later

Then again, do you guys think we'll get mature content sooner? Not at all? Or, much later?

(And, also, my previous question about Hero Factory: Did it mature, at all?)

Edit: Also, I'm not saying we won't get mature content, but the kind of content that us old Bionicle fans would want.

Double Edit: Here's a Straw poll:


animations will be for kids

books will be for us.


The Range Is 8-14

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Huh? You're right!

Never the less, same questions:

Do you guys think we'll get mature content sooner? Not at all? Or, much later?

(And, also, my previous question about Hero Factory: Did it mature, at all?)

Age range is based on set complexity, not the story's level of maturity. For example, Dalu's age range is 7-16, while the Axalara T9's age range is 10-16. Smaller sets have a broader age range, while the larger sets have a tighter age range. I expect the story's level of maturity to stay at a consistent 8-12 year-old age range.


Oh! That makes sense! So, my topic still stands. Yay!

So, you think that the age-range will stay at 8-12?

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Somewhere close to that. I'm pretty sure BIONICLE will stay PG, unless the line grows exponentially in popularity, say, as popular as Transformers or Ninja Turtles.


Well, what comes to mind when reading this topic is Transformers Animated, which was originally directed at a much younger audience. As it progressed, however, it got much darker, and the storyline began to develop a high sense of seriousness - one example involving Ratchet, an Autobot hero, who brutally beat an enemy. Now, whether or not this was meant to please older audiences, I think the same can be said for many story lines - they happen to get darker/more serious down the line. It's just the way most stories go.


That's also much like Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Just compare the movie with the Darth Maul story arcs and you'll see the difference.


Yes, great example! Really, the only examples that come to mind are most Transformers shows - maybe that's just cuz I'm a TF nerd stuck_out_tongue
Anyways, I feel most plot-driven stories take that direction eventually.

Now, the question is, will the new BIONICLE? I'd say I'm definitely riding the fence about it. Sure, I want it, and there may be some - heck, there was even some serious stuff in that one video we got (did you see Ekimu's hammer uppercut?) - but will it return to the solemness of the 06-08 years of Gen 1? Probably not.


The big difference between BIONICLE and, say, Transformers, is their difference in popularity. Transformers is much more popular than any LEGO theme, and so it can afford to target a more specific, older audience. LEGO, who mainly targets a younger audience, can't afford to create a story that's too mature, because they are still chiefly a toy making company. The LEGO group is definitely drawing in a larger audience than it did ten years ago, and I think the company will grow even more, but until BIONICLE draws in a larger audience, the story will probably be pretty mild. In my opinion, that's not too horrible, because I can make my own fan fiction that can be way darker than LEGO will ever make officially.


Very true.
Motivates me to write some fan fic right now stuck_out_tongue


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Okay, that makes sense. The more you know, I guess stuck_out_tongue

Anyways, back on topic... do you guys want a more serious story line? Or do you prefer simplicity and a light-happy mood?

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As long as the sets don't look too cheesy you can just ignore the given story and make up your one (you could even put it in G1 if you wanted too). You can play out and write stories without having to deal with the tone of the given ones. But also if you like the given tone you can follow it. wink


Thanks for reminding me - I'm definitely planning on doing some G1 continuation with the new toys smile
I'm just excited I can say "BIONICLE G1" - again, some TF nerdiness showing itself, but it's still cool stuck_out_tongue


To me, serious is always more fun, but funny can be good too. I know more than a couple of moments where I read something in a book and I laughed out loud.

I think the think I'm most hoping for is that ever present sense of mystery that was felt during the '01-'03 story.


And I agree wholeheartedly. Humor is always appreciated - Vezon is a good example of that smiley
Mystery is definitely a key - if not the main - element to BIONICLE's plot line. Its what makes "BIONICLE" sound so cool when you say it out loud to yourself in a booming voice - the feeling of mystery surrounding it.