Bionicle 2015 Gears System vs. 2016 Gears System

Yee, I was referring to the Rahkshi and, to a lesser extent, the Vahki.

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¿Y por qué no los dos? :grin:

(Why not both?)

I shall refer @LoganMcOwen for you, as he has found the absolute best of both worlds.


I think kids would find it much harder to use the waist gear considering how tight it is and how finding a right place to set your other hand to hold the figure in place while your other hand turns the gear can be quite frustrating (for me at least)


(He’s a link by the way.)


There can only be one m8

Actually this is just a way to indirectly compare the two winter waves through their functions.

It’s difficult but I have to say that I like the 2015 function better. I have some problems with the 2016 function, those being:

  • the friction level and squeaking varies dramatically from set to set
  • it’s a lazy design- it only uses 2 or three pieces when the 2015 function used so much more pieces
  • the two main pieces CAN NOT be taken apart- at least to my knowledge
  • it wears away over time and through use- I can see the dust from the plastic wareing away building up in the various holes on the black torso piece. It probably will not last for a long amount of time if used constantly.
  • it squeaks annoyingly!

That’s why I don’t like the 2016 function. It just doesn’t feel like the quality I expect from a Lego product. It makes for some neat poses though


I haven’t gotten enough sets to notice this distinction.

Simple =/= Lazy

If anything the gear box was lazy by being slapped onto the CCBS torso, whereas the 2016 function is actually centralized into the set design.

But there’s no reason to separate them.

It’d be like trying to separate the two components on the stud cannon.

You don’t get anything out of it.

And yes, they can be separated, under an abormally large amount of stress.

I’ve used my Uniter Kopaka’s function extensively.

Never had that issue.

Can attest to this.

Though extensive use seems to help prevent that.


Personally, I hate gearboxes in general, but I’d have to give it to 2015.

EDIT: I actually barely know what the 2016 function even does, can someone update me?

Swivel waist, gear knob’s on the butt

The function on my Gali has loosened through use and it swings quite smoothly…BUT IT STILL FREAKING SQUEAKS :rage:


You heretic :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, come on, the only thing it does it make their arms go up and down. It doesn’t matter how young you are, how can that possibly be fun for more than five minutes?

On the other hand, I got my first Toa Mata when I was 11, so what do I know?

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It’s better if you have something to smash.

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Bionicles aren’t strong enough to smash things, no matter how hard you turn that gear.

They can smash other Bionicles.


My Mata sets beg to differ.

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Here’s how you play the gearbox game:

Method 1: gearbox
Step 1: Use gearbox to ram arms/weapon/entire upper body into opponents figure
Step 2: Continue until one figure loses it’s mask

Method 2: simple

Step 1: throw figure at opponent
Step 2: ???
Step 3: profit



Would play again.