BIONICLE 2015 Set Images Found!

Bionicle 2015 Set Images Leaked!

Today, we’ve got some fantastic news for you, as the Bionicle 2015 set images have indeed been leaked online! As they bear a “Confidentiality” mark, we cannot feature them within the article, but there is a link to an album below!

Found by our very own Mesonak, the images seem to have been made prior to the display and are very preliminary. They are, however, of decently high resolution for all of the 2015 sets, Defenders and Masters alike. They also notably bear the Kanohi Ignika (the Mask of Life) in the upper right of the packaging, the question remains to be seen if it is just a placeholder for the newly revealed mask, or if the Ignika will see a reveal later this year. Also, the Lord of Skull Spider’s box has a label to the right side that says Skull Krata, possibly hearkening back to the creatures that controlled the Rahkshi in 2003. It also appears that Onua’s set might indeed include a gear system.

Does the Ignika point back towards a continuation or clue towards a reboot? Are gears going to be returning? Are these faithful redesigns, or are they steering too far from the source material?

We have a much more in-depth podcast reveal coming in soon! In the meantime, check out the gallery and discuss this in our forums/comments below! We’ll be giving you more information as we get it. Stay tuned!

[Source]: “Image Gallery" via Dingsda

Written by: Kahi, 9/14/2014

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Yep. Definitely buying Kopaka and Tahu now.


All aboard


I'm digging the new miniguns the Protectors have, but I'm really displeased with the new forms of Gail, Onua, and Lewa.

I am very pleased with all of these, new parts looking especially cool.

Interesting to note that only like, 3 boxes appear close to finalized with the backgrounds and such.


This is very exciting. If anything, this has firmed my resolve to buy all of the sets.

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Sweet, I'm so excited!


Gali looks like a man



Seriously those parts are looking delicious too from a MOCer's standpoint.z

And I'm guessing that with the Ignika, this is NOT a reboot, and thus I have a theory about the Skull Kraata.

Maybe the Golden Armor that was used to kill the Rahkshi had a side effect that brought them back as Skull Kraata?

That or Makuta is STILL around and he brought them back as zambies stuck_out_tongue


kopaka's legs tho open_mouth

But in all seriousness, these all look pretty good. It looks like they are adding new armor pieces to the HF two-hole system, which is always a plus.

Also I'd like to take a moment and talk about the backgrounds shown in the Fire Defender, Tahu, and Lewa's bags. The Fire Defender has some sort of pods in the background, which I find similar to the Bohrok or Vahki. Tahu appears to have a mountain of some sort, and Lewa has a temple reminiscent of Kini-Nui. Both Toa also appear to be reaching for (what I assume) golden versions of their mask. Overall, this reminds me very much of the '01 wave, if '01 was merged with HF. stuck_out_tongue

As far as the King/Lord of Skull Spiders goes, I'm noticing that it's "Krata" not "Kraata", which makes me think that it is unrelated to the creatures used to power the Rahkshi.

But that's my long shpiel. smile

(edit) On closer look at the armor on the chest of Fire Defender, it appears that it is based off of the '01 torsos. Go figure.


What else is new?


Thank god the Miru kinda resembles the old Miru. But.... RIP Kaukau


I feel you, Indigogeek1. I must admit that the 2015 Kaukau looks better than the Nuva version and that demonic bunny one from '08.


I really di those shield pieces Kopaka and Tahu use, and I can really see that bionicle texture style missing in hero factory. Lewa looks good as well. So psyched.

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I'm also guessing that the only ones that might be finalized are "Tahu master of fire" "Lewa master of air" and "Protector of fire" as they are the only ones with colored spiders and a background.

The Ignika still may be temporary, as I doubt the sets are coming in that oddly angled box


I dunno man, Chima Speedorz use a very similar set up nowadays.

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"Lewa master of jungle" NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Also, the Ignika is pictured on the top right of the boxes, has Mata Nui been summoned?

Kopaka has a Guurahk spear.


In the toa images that have a background, the golden kanohi appear to be emerging from some sort of Suva(or podlike structure)

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Liking those new guns on the defenders. I love the look of the three Titan Toa, Tahu, Kopaka and Onua. The three smaller Toa are slightly less of what I had hoped for, but they still look good in my opinion. Definitely intrigued by the appearance of both the Ignika and Kraata, are there Makuta on Spherus Magna? No idea, but I can't wait to see what happens.

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