BIONICLE 2016 Pre-Leak Speculation

Lets get ahead of ourselves. If you think about it, the next wave of bionicle is being drafted as we speak. They might have already started on the one after that. What are your theories for wave two of the Nuvaverse?

The map of Okoto shows that there are mountains dividing the elemental factions. Perhaps they could reboot the bohrok swarms. But the twist is that the toa find a way to use the bohrok to clear away the mountains in the end to forge an even greater unity.


Nice theory.

Here's my idea though.

2015 is doing something similar to 2001.
- Collect the masks.
- Defeat the Rahi (creatures)
- And, banish the shadowy evil from the island.

So in 2016 and 2017 (They have confirmed that they are doing three years of Bionicle.) it may be similar to the 2002-2003 story.

- New evil arrives that challenges the heroes.
- Heroes find a way that could possibly defeat the evil.
- Heroes lock the evil away forever.

- Shadowy evil returns, worse than before.
- Toa need a powerful being to arrive to thwart the evil away forever.
- Shadowy evil reaveled and defeated for good.

So something along this premise maybe possible.

But, then again, I am just...

wait for it…

Jumping the gun.


Well... Maybe just maybe they'll introduce new Toa--- I mean Masters. Geez I'm going to have to get used to that. New masters is all I can hope for at the moment. I'm still glad they used the good old Toa from the beginning!


@Aeros Okay, this guy change my mind.

Perhaps the first year is defeating the shadowy evil.

The second year is uncovering the past of Okoto.

And, finally, the third year is for the Toa, to finally reawaken, Ekimu.

You're probably asking yourself,"why the sudden change of mind, and where did you derive this type of idea from?"

Well good question!

It's because the 2001-2003 story arc, what's focused on defeating Makuta.

The second year is because the 2004-2005 story arc was the Turaga explaining the past of the island of Metru Nui (Past of the island.)

The third, is because the 2006-2008 story arc with focused on how the Toa need to reawaken Mata Nui.


Okoto is just the island this time. The mask maker's name is Ekimu.

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Oh, thanks! I meant Ekimu, but I said the wrong thing... :/

Haha, I read that first part thinking of the SPIRIT Bionicle in under two minutes video "Collect the masks, fight the rahi, and defeat the Makuta! K..." Literally almost the exact quote word-for-word. XD
On the matter of the actual topic, I think they ought to mix it up a little. Maybe a few things from the later years can make an appearance early on, while other things from the earlier years can be saved for use later. Example: The Piraka (or characters in relation to) come along in the next year after hearing of the legendary masks being found, and they are the ones to fight the bad fight, while something like the Bohrok swarms can be held on to an amped up for another year. After all, this is for the most part a soft-reboot.


Protectors: Collect the Masks of Power, fight the Skull Spiders, and defeat The Lord of Skull Spiders.

Masters: K

Protectors: You weren't the first masters!

Masters: What... We live on a giant spaceship?

...go back 1,000 years...

Ekimu: Hide the masks.

Protectors: K

Protectors: Oh noez! Bohrok!

Bohrok: Eliminate... Eliminate... All must be reverted.

Protectors: Use the mask powers the Great Mask Makers made us!

Bohrok: We are trapped...

...forward 1,001 years...

Protectors: Oh Noez! Ekimu and Makuta are dying!

Protectors: Find the Mask of time.

Masters: K.

Masters: Oh Noez! Barraki!

Barraki: Bwahahaha! We shall control all powers!

Masters: Take our powers!

Barraki: Oh noez! Power too strong!

Masters: We have the mask of time!

Protectors: Revert them back to their youth!

Everyone: Yay! Everything's back to normal!

...not just yet!

Makuta: Give me the mask of ultimate control!

Masters: Oh noez! Rahkshi!

Ekimu: Find the 7th Master!

Masters: K.

7th Master: Take that Makuta!

The End


Wow, that actually sounds pretty epic! No kidding!


They're still called Toa.


toa were always refered to as masters
this isnt a new thing, its just the first time lego is marketing them as masters


Well you named the topic correctly...

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Ekimu and Makuta, right?


I'm gonna jump the gun and say that the Mask of Ultimate Power will form its own body and become a huge threat. Also Mask of Light will be introduced.


My best guess is that the second half of the Vahi will play a role in 2017 (now I am REALLY jumping the gun) and somehow connect the Nuvaverse to the Mataverse. If Bionicle does well, 2018 would be a sort of 2006; new island, previous minor characters become major, a new enemy, etc., etc....

As for 2016? If the Mask of Creation is the only of the three new main Masks to appear in 2015, I imagine 2016 will feature the Mask of Control and the Mask of Creation.


No, they are Masters, Masters of Spinjitzu!

Ninjago2016MovieIsReallyBionicleMovieConfirmed !1!!11!!111!!1!!!!!!11!!!!11


I'm certain I commented on this before, love speculation topics like this stuck_out_tongue

So... Bionicle as we know is confirmed for a current three year storyline. It may add more in the future but for the moment that is all we know. Basing my theory off it only being around for three years.

Main goal; Mask Of Creation

The Toa are transported to this universe with no memory of their current events, returning to them in flashbacks or small nods to the original universe. While the Toa battle off the Skull Spiders controlled by Makuta (Currently in slumber using the Mask Of Control) the Protectors band together and attempt to fulfil a prophecy to re-awaken Ekimu discovering The Temple Of Time where both the past and the future is predicted.

Notable sets;
- Ekimu (With Mask Of Creation and Gold Protector Mask - Protector Scale)

Main goal; Mask Of Creation, Defeat Makuta

Makuta is awake and its the job of the newly Toa'fied Protectors to team up with the Toa Mata to defeat him and gain the Mask Of Control. However, their task is made more difficult with the arrival of new beasts sent by Makuta (A combination of Rahkshi and Piraka) Just as the Toa and Protectors believe they have won Makuta discovers the Mask Of Ultimate Power and the island of Okoto begins to crack

Notable sets;
- Makuta (With Mask Of Control and updated Mask Of Shadows - Protector Scale)
- Takanuva; Master Of Light (Updated Mask Of Light)

Main goal; Gain Mask Of Ultimate Power, Save Okoto, Return to their Universe

Going off my theory of the Mask Of Ultimate Power being evil, I feel that we could see it take over Makuta when he puts it on. This would lead to the near destruction of Okoto, leading the Toa to repair the Island in a similar race-against-time idea to saving Mata Nui. After saving Okoto, Makuta is defeated and flees with the Toa setting off to chase him across the other universes (Setting up potential future continuations)

Notable sets;
- Makuta (Mask Of Ultimate Power - Titan Scale)
- Master Of Time (Wears both segments of the Vahi)


Hi there, as you all know 2015 started with wat I think a great reboot of the Bionicle series. We met with the Island Okoto and the three legendarie masks. The mask of creation, mask of control and the mask of ultimate power. In the summer wave of bionicle we see that they are going to bring out the mask of creation so 1 done 2 left. And guys which masks, toa and kind of villians do you want to see 2016? Let me hear it. By myself I hope so that they will bring the toa Mahri back.

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