Bionicle 2016 speculation

so i just wanted to talk about bionicle 2016, what sets i want from it, and what i expect from it. id like for you guys to let me know what sets you want and what you expect from it. i hope we get Makuta as a set with the mask of ultimate power included, and Takanuva, and id like to see the Rahkshi return as well. id be pretty interesting to see how theyer gonna make their bodies out of CCBS, meaby we`er gonna get completely new body and head peaces, and hopefully kraata


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So. Much. Misspellings.
Are you from another country from America? Just asking.

But yeah, what @fangface1 said; we don't even know the second half of 2015's story.

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From what I can tell, he may very well be. In which case, I appreciate him being able to speak a language we can understand. English isn't easy.

Despite that, we already have a Bionicle 2016 topic right here! So I'll go ahead and move these over there.

Thank you, and welcome to the Message Boards!