BIONICLE: Battle for the Mask of Power (iOs app)

Announcement Video:



wow. that actually looks REALLY fun.


For some reason this coming out makes me feel like Bionicle really is here theres video games and every thing!


Looks pretty fun, but a little repetitive.

Not quite the Bionicle game I was thinking they would make, but it looks good.

I am no master of modern techy terminology. Does iOs mean this is only available on Apple devises? Does anyone know if it will be out for Google Play?

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This isn't available for download, is it?

@Helryx08 judging from this, hopefully

It will be out tomorrow, Jan 1st

Itunes link:

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iPhone, Android, but not Windows Phone. :cry:


Looks like a really cool game, can't wait to play it!

Wait...only IOS? Does this mean Android doesn't get it or am I just stupid? (:P)

EDIT: Just saw the above posts. Nevermind (:P)

Seems awful repetitive, but could be fun. Not something I'd pay for, most likely.

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It's free, thankfully.

Ah. Well then.

I like the graphics, but I'm not sure if I will play it. Seems too repetitive.

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bionicle arkham? that's what the gameplay looks like

It looks good for an App game. IF I had the chance I could get and play it...

Judging from the gameplay, I could see the Summer Wave having a Diablo/MOBA coop game where you and friends can team up against the new villain sets. (also Protector minions vs. skull spiders)

HA! I got the app! Ill post an image

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  1. How?

Its Jan 1st where I live
Im so happy!

EDIT: Scenes from episode 4 are in it! The fire protector can surf on lava, and he guides Tahu to his mask with that blue beam of light on it.