Bionicle Beginnings: A G3 Concept Novel

Immediately after listening to TTV Podcast 234 “G3 Rahkshi”, I was inspired to take some the ideas discussed then and on previous episodes of the TTV Podcast to write a little concept book of what a G3 book could be like. I also added a lot of new stuff of my own. The end result was 20 some pages completed four days later, however the story focuses more on the Rahkshi than the Toa since they were what had inspired me. I am happy to answer any questions about the story, and will write a part 2, which would focus more on the Toa, if this gains enough popularity. So, thanks for reading this far, and here it is:

Note: It’s written using google docs. Anyone can copy/paste the link to read it, but will not be able to edit it. Thanks to anyone who reads it and extra thanks to anyone that provides some constructive feedback. -Eban.

Nice! I like how closely you stuck to the ideas, but still made it your own. Word of advice, its kind of hard to read. Space out the words correctly and it’ll be much easier to read.

Thanks for the advice. I changed the spacing to 1.5 so hopefully it’s a bit easier on the eyes now.

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Quick comment, not finished yet - you’re supposed to start a new paragraph every time someone starts talking. So, the conversation on the first and second pages should be about nine paragraphs instead of two.

Just a formatting nitpick, I’m liking the writing itself.

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I had originally formatted it that way. But I found that because it’s such a dialogue heavy story, especially more towards the middle, that it just looked very strange. However if enough people are bothered by it I’ll consider formatting it the proper way. Thanks for the feedback.

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It’s proper grammar. People will be confused on who is talking if it isn’t properly formatted.