BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First, Part 2 (Art) - Poor Disadvantaged




While I used the winning moc as my primary inspiration, my aim was to include elements from all five finalists, and some semi-finalists, that resonated with me;

The: Mace, Chains, Mata Torso, Ribcage, and a Withered Arm befitting the Disturbingly Frail description.

I apologize for how the colouring pencils turned out, it was a rush to get things done on time!
I’m primarily a sketcher, I have a long way to go if I wanted to match the quality of these other digital artists.
Good luck to everyone who entered!


A stunning synthesis, I was hoping someone would do this


Definitely the most unique take! I like it


Oh my goodness, this is a fantastic fusion! Excellent work ^^


I see what you did there

A very cool drawing, though I don’t imagine this as a primary depiction of Helryx.


Thanks all!

@AlexanderTG That’s fair, we all imagine different things!

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Unfortunately, I have to deliver some bad news.

We have made the difficult decision to disqualify this entry. Please allow me to explain.

For starters, we love this entry. It’s a clever idea with excellent execution. The blend of the top entries is a wonderful concept, and I personally am a sucker for sketches, even in the face of digital artwork. So this decision is not being made out of any bias against it, you have sincerely done a wonderful job, as you did during the MOCing portion.

Our decision comes down to the fact that this is not an illustration based off the winning entry in majority. While this creation stands very well as one on its own, it is not based off the winning entry - it is based on six entries.

In our art topic, we state the following:

While this clearly has portions taken from that model (the right arm, the shield, pieces on the shoulders, pieces on the shins, and some tubes), they do not comprise the majority of this entry, and are given equal value to the fundamental alterations made to the basis.

As such, we do not feel confident permitting this entry to be voted upon, as it simply is not based on the winning model, and as such would defeat the point of the prior portion of this contest.

Thank you for your participation, and please forgive us for this decision. It is not one we made lightly, and it does not please us to make it. We are sincerely inspired by both of your entries and are grateful that you entered.

Once again, thank you. We will accept any ire that may come from those that are upset by our decision.



@Eljay I will accept this judgement, as this is ultimately your contest!
However, please allow me to voice a defence.

I’ve reread the rules, and aside from that criteria I could not find any other rules that required/suggested meticulous adherence to the winning MOC.
Rather, this statement suggests the contrary:

6b. 3D entries must not be MOC recreations and renders using Stud.Io 9 or LEGO Digital Designer. This is your interpretation, not a simple recreation.

In my eyes, the winning MOC was absolutely the basis of my sketch – more than any individual other.
It was based on the winning model, just not entirely on the winning model – as might be the case for almost every other entry.

‘Substantial modification made to base model, no longer based on winning entry’

Aside from the torso and mace I would argue all my changes are additive, not subtractive.
Unless those elements were just as substantial as the others, I don’t believe the first half of this statement is true.
Regardless, the second half is (nearly entirely) false.

I also could make a few affirmative arguments, which I’d be happy to expand upon:

  • Mocists were granted heaps of creative agency;
    If it’s the art that’s canonized, shouldn’t artists be afforded similar, if not greater, freedom in future contests?

  • Even after those events, ~67% of voters did not vote for the winning MOC / preferred a different MOC;
    Taking inspiration from the contests prior portion doesn’t defeat the point of the contests prior portion, no?

…But ultimately it’s the rules, which I don’t believe I have violated, that’re relevant to the subject of disqualification.
I understand my entry has pushed that criteria, and perhaps your preconceptions, further than others.

Yet, I’m of the opinion that this can and should be decided by voters.


I’m not Eljay, but when I look at this drawing I’m not reminded of Double’s MOC, simple as that.

I’m not Eljay, but when I look at PoorDisadvantaged’ drawing I’m reminded of Double’s MOC, simple as that.

I’m not Eljay, but when I look at this drawing I’m not reminded of Double’s MOC, simple as that.

I’m not Eljay, but when I look at this drawing I’m not reminded of Double’s MOC, simple as that.

I’m not Eljay, but when I look at this drawing I’m not reminded of Double’s MOC, simple as that.

That’s a very opinion-based statement.

Edit: Looks like the quote failed because I posted this reply here while on a different topic.


Honestly, this is a bit disappointing, but also sort of flattering: I did my best to represent each individual piece of armor pretty faithfully, but while doing that, my goal was to make it different from the original MOC, since, and this is no slight against _Double, he’s done great stuff (like Midnight Zone Helryx), I was not a fan of the winning entry.

edit: @PoorDisadvantaged, I just noticed the UDD symbol on the mace pommel! That’s a great inclusion, from one of the best entries!

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You’re not wrong.

Absolutely ridiculous that you disqualified this one simply because PoorDisadvantaged explained his reasoning behind some of the changes he made, while you allow others that look nothing like Double’s moc in just because the artist didn’t bother to address the fact that their art is completely divorced from the original concept.

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