BIONICLE Canon Contest #1 - The First, Part 2 - Morkney's Helryx Artwork

Hello everybody!

Here is my Helryx art submission based on the amazing winning entry by TheUnderscoredDouble. The mask design is inspired by Khingk’s mask of psychometry which can be seen on shapeways here.

The style I have chosen is reminiscent of official bionicle comic artwork, so hopefully it looks like it belongs!

I’ve emphasised Helryx as a battle-worn warrior, frail yet dangerous. The spindly limbs already present in TheUnderscoredDouble’s design are exaggerated, and some of the elements have been roughed up to make them appear aged. I’ve redesigned some parts that don’t translate particularly well, such as the hands, but on the whole I have tried to remain faithful to the spirit of the original design.

As an aside, mad respect for anybody who draws bionicles. It is so hard.

KhingK’s mask design link which shows the mask from various angles and includes a download link:


We have a winner here folks. My only issue is the resolution of the artwork but other then that, I love it.

The original file is a 4k resolution image, so should be good enough.


Very impressive.

It is very good in terms of detalization, quality and style. And it really looks like comics :). But I think that there is too much redesign in it… Like I couldn’t guess correctly which pieces are used here, if i haven’t seen the MOC.

That’s it, we can go home now, we have a winner here.


I really wish two things about this one… One, that it fit G1’s aesthetic better, I can’t really say it looks like a bionicle. Two, I really really really wish people would design a better mask than KhingK’s, I find it horribly ugly. Other than that, this is of course beautifully made, you are a fantastic artist. I really like the shoulder’s interpretation, I’m glad it isn’t a face



This is really awesome! It’s just so well done!


I seriously hope this wins. You’ve got my vote.


I was getting ready to try and do my take on the final aspect of Helryx until i saw your post…

I stand no chance lol.

Though there are few submissions, i’m glad the competence is this fierce, makes me feel nostalgic for the old days.


That’s incredible! All the armour looks unique, but still reminiscent of the BIONICLE pieces and KhingK’s mask is such a great choice (it fits her body design better than any other existing). Her mace definitely gives me some LOTR Sauron vibes, I love it :smile:


The quality is outstanding, but the design… it’s just so spindly. I’m having Sayger flashbacks!

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I see what you mean about some pieces not looking like the MOC, but the same could be said about the movie versions of characters. At least for the first three movies.

Of course, you might not like that either, but I’m just saying that there’s precedent.

And honestly, even though a few pieces were changed from the MOC, like the shoulderpads and gauntlets, you can still see aspects of the original piece.

Except for the mace.

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This looks incredible, the art style makes me nostalgic for the comics! I especially like your stylization of the forearm armor piece! Very nicely done.

@LeSkak You should go for it even if you don’t think you’ll win, if you were wanting to, the more people make art the more fun it’ll be!


Absolutely beautiful stylization – I think you’ve captured the Ignition aesthetic well. I think her arms are a little too spindly, but I’ve spoken way too much on that subject during the MOC contest itself. Looks great!


I love the art style; definitely reminiscent of the G1 Comics. Best of luck!


This is an utterly fantastic job, has a very polished and professional feel to it imo. It reminds me a lot of Stuart Sayger’s work when he kicked off the Ignition comics, so I’d definitely say your stylization fits the theme. Solid entry for sure!


The resolution is multiple thousands of pixels by multiple thousands of pixels. Not sure what the problem is.

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Several incredibly good art pieces were added in recent days, but this one is still up there with the best!