Bionicle Canon contest #2: "Meet the maker" Artahka master of creation

This is my moc for the artakha “meet the maker” canon contest. I wanted to color the mask of creation with a silver spray paint.




Entry photo

breakdown photo


My, he didn’t miss leg day did he?


Bufftakha's Gym The Gym’s open bro, come on in!

Hahaha, nice MOC. Love the hip armoring and the legs!

-Solaris Magnus

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Thank you for entering!

I don’t know why this trend has persisted, but the rules are clear:

You need to link this topic in the official contest topic to officially enter it, not the other way around.

You will also need to submit a breakdown photo before we can accept it for entry.

Thank you!

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Hi, unfortunately I can’t understand how to link this topic in the official contest topic

  • Go the bottom of your post.
  • Locate the button that looks like this: It should be just to the left of the Reply button.
  • You should now see this bar:
  • You wanna click on the one that looks like a chain link. This one:
  • That’s gonna bring up something that looks like this:
  • Copy this URL, then reply to the contest topic and Paste it there.


I guess

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but do I have to do the same for the entry lists?

Not sure what you mean.

The only place you need to link it to is the official Artahka contest topic. That’s where the TTV cast will be viewing and compiling the entries from.

Any other “entry list” is probably made by someone else, and those topics frankly don’t need to exist because every entry is visible from the main contest topic.

This is so cool!

Is that the Melding Teridax’s hammer?

Wait… that looks like Tobduk’s build, too…


Wow, the G2MoC looks great in silver. I love how beefy the legs are. Mad props to you on this.

Thank you for entering, however just as a reminder, we will need that breakdown photo as well.

god luck in the contest bro come and just mine if you like wanna here wat you think of min as velll realy love the hammer on this one

This is pretty cool! The hips skirts are a nice touch!
I see you made some minor changes to Melded Teridax’s hammer, looks alright.

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Looking at pictures of Tobduk again…

Yeah, it is just his build recoloured in green with some extra hip armour.

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Well, considering he’s the same species as Tobduk, that makes sense.

I do have to wonder: should having the same build as an official moc be disallowed? On the one hand, it’s essentially “copying” the work of another moccist; on the other hand, one could argue that it’s no different from, say, an inika build Helryx, in the sense that it uses a preexisting build.

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I don’t think it says they were the same species in any canon source.

That said, that probably doesn’t mean it can’t be added to canon.

Good moc, looks very much like he’d fit in with the '06-'08 titans.

Y’know, I think this has definitely grown on me. It gets kinda annoying when Bionicle characters are the only known member of their species like Tobduk. I like the idea that Artakha is part of a species that already only has one known member.

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