"BIONICLE Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker" Kaihanga Nui

I was the same way back in 2014. You can keep your style but you can’t and shouldn’t force everyone to like it.

Well yeah, I wasn’t trying to change your mind, I was trying to make sure that people would be more polite.

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It looks like Tanma is in a giant mech suit lol

but great job i really like it


Thanks! I worked hard on it.

I wasn’t sure if should’ve given him Tanma’s a mask or not, my brother helped me decide for it and I think it works well with his physique.

But needless to say it was the only lime mask I had.

Also, is that lime Av matoran torso from Tarduk?

Nice MOC.

Actually, @The_Chronicler made a white Artakha MOC: Artakha the Allsmith (Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker)

Also, where did the name “Kaihanga Nui” come from? Just curious.
Anyway, good luck!


Yes, I have two Tarduks.

His MOC is primarily white and gun metal, but he apparently had to change it due to it having over three shades of green at one time, so maybe before then it was more like that.

As for the name, “Kaihanga” means bulider, maker, creator, etc. in maori and “Nui” means “great” as you might know from Mata Nui, therefore the name is “Great Maker”, “Great Creator”, etc.


That is some next level building right there very nice.

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There is so much conversation for that Arthakha. I think only one word is needed to describe him: EPIC.

Well, he is realy nice actually, wouldn’t imagined Arhtakha looking like that, but it is certainly a good and unique interpretation. And lime is better for him than sand green.

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@Bodi, @Lesnichiy, Thank you both!

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