BIONICLE Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker, Part 2 (Art)

Well, if you build it, I will come. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:
(And if it gets built, it should probably be done fast,-- we’ve only got about 16 days left on the art portion.)


These are quick photos, but I don’t think it’s gunna hold up to higher-res scans either unfortunately. Hope it’s some help though.


Wow, thank you very much!

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I just want to point out the possibility that those symbols don’t necessarily translate into individual English letters. It is possible that each symbol represents larger sounds or entire words (For example, instead of a symbol translating to “t,” it could translate to “ta.”


Wouldn’t it make sense to include these symbols then? I think it’s accurate to how the mask is described: “-each reflecting one of the many cultures that flourished in the universe-” I think it’s a solid foundation at least. Either way I’m sure the artists won’t have difficulty conjuring up their own funky runes. :grin:

Ah yes, phonemes! That’s a great approach.


Ok, the topic is done!


Wow. :smiley: That was fast!
Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


In the text, universe refers to the Matoran Universe (aka Great Spirit Robot), meanwhile what @ToaKebaka is refering are the cultures in the universe universe, when Mata Nui went Star Trek, to seek out new life and new civilizations in other planets.


other people, deciphering the agori language to determine what kind of graffiti to put on artakha’s bicep tattoos:image

me, just waiting for someone to finally submit their artwork:


This took me about 5 minutes:

As a supporter of the gold mask, I think this looks pretty good.

(I don’t suppose I could enter this? :thinking:)


I have made flat dark gold and pearl gold recolour.
Flat dark gold looks better imo


Maybe, but that takes effort to edit.

The top one looks better than the bottom one, but I honestly think that an even brighter gold would look better than both of them.

If we’re talking official Lego colours though, I think the darker gold would be the way to go, based on your edits.

What does it look like in Copper (Copper Mask of Victory shade)?


It took me only 8 minutes to do this recolours
Those two are brighter pearl golds colours. Below are copper.
Im not happy how the copper turned out here it doesn look like those masks of victory. Maybe because copper has different textrure than plastic.


EDIT: I see I have been beaten to it.


The gold is definitely better.

Yup, correct.

I think their putting all of the entries on the entries list page instead of here, but maybe I’m wrong. But their are definitely 3 entries so far


Yes, they are now being put on the Entry List page. I have been told by Eljay that that is how things are working now.

Although the instructions at the top of this page still say to post here. Where was it announced to post your entries on the Entry Topic, rather than here?

Look at what is written.

Click that link.

Oh shoot, that’s on me. I just read the words and assumed it meant this topic.

My bad.

I’m trying to track it down on BS01 right now, without much success. I thought it was from Glatorian Arena, but I guess I was wrong. The system was based around the Glatorian Arena symbol (image), though, that looks sort of like a Thornax. It has different counts of thorns for each number, so the base number is six.