BIONICLE Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker, Part 2 (Art)

I think their putting all of the entries on the entries list page instead of here, but maybe I’m wrong. But their are definitely 3 entries so far


Yes, they are now being put on the Entry List page. I have been told by Eljay that that is how things are working now.

Although the instructions at the top of this page still say to post here. Where was it announced to post your entries on the Entry Topic, rather than here?

Look at what is written.

Click that link.

Oh shoot, that’s on me. I just read the words and assumed it meant this topic.

My bad.

I’m trying to track it down on BS01 right now, without much success. I thought it was from Glatorian Arena, but I guess I was wrong. The system was based around the Glatorian Arena symbol (image), though, that looks sort of like a Thornax. It has different counts of thorns for each number, so the base number is six.


Oh! Is that from the MLN Bionicle campaign?

Glatorian Arena.

Wait, then is it?

I was saying that I thought I remember it being in the MLN campaign.

Oh okay thank you for that clarification.

Silver is the way to go, man!:slightly_smiling_face:

That way, the three masks can have the Olympic medal colors: Gold for Life, Silver for Creation, and Bronze for Time (well, polished bronze looks like gold, and the mask of Time got corroded, so it’s kind of the reverse).

Besides the above, Silver fulfills two criteria:

  1. It goes with the color scheme of the MOC

  2. But it’s differentiated enough from the gunmetal of the color scheme that it still looks like a legendary mask that was won in a contest that Karzahni could’ve won instead.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I would argue that the Vahi is gold.

But I will admit that a bright silver would stand out from Artakha.


I found it in the BS01 gallery for one of the games, but it’s not their now. I’m still hunting.

Edit: I found what I was looking for, but unfortunately realized it was fan made.

This is the source:

Sorry for any dissapoinent.

This system, though, is based on Kirbold’s map, which is another piece of Agori iconography to consider.

The thing you’re thinking of from the My Lego Network game is probably the honor patches, by the way, they’re made out of different portions of Thoranxs.



:slightly_smiling_face:Silver mask with either. green or gold runes.:fireworks:

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hmm. I silver mask would be pretty good now that I think about it. I’ll still be rooting for gold, but maybe the mask would turn silver when it’s coroded, like how the vahi turns orange.

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Well, technically, it’s corroded gold, which is kinda like the reverse principle of polished bronze.:slightly_smiling_face:

Just think of how good it looks in silver! :smiley: :+1:


Well, technically, it’s corroded gold, which is kinda like the reverse principle of polished bronze.

I still think it should be gold. But it looks nice in silver

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Does Artakha have to hold his hammer? Is it okay if the hammer is left on a rack? I want to draw him mask making but the hammer he has is too large to practically be used for sculpting

As I understand, you could slightly modify the hammer, so you could make it shorter. You can also put it in his back.

Hi everyone, announcement time.

If you take a look into the rules listed at the top of this topic, you may notice a change – it was recently brought to our attention that part of the ruleset we had discussed many times over the course of this contest, namely that the Artwork cannot significantly modify the MoC in any way, was missing from our posted rule sets.

As of now this has been rectified and added into the rules under heading 4e. Please note that the wording of this rule includes “by omission or addition.” While we expect artwork to be heavily stylized and we have no expectations that people conform religiously to the appearance of Connor’s MoC, we do expect, as has been discussed in the past, that your artwork does not significantly deviate from the MoC.

I would like to be the first to offer apologies to anyone who is in the process of creating their art and who may be impacted by the implementation of this rule. I recognize that while it was a widely circulated aspect of the contest it was also not explicitly stated in the rules and therefore may negatively impact some entrants.

It is my hope that making this announcement will give everyone enough time to modify their entries if necessary, as we currently only have one entry that can be said to break this rule.

If you have any questions or would like clarification, feel free to ask either in this topic or in DM. Additionally, if you are concerned that your artwork may be affected by this rule, feel free to DM me and I can give you a quick risk-assessment.

Thanks again,