BIONICLE Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker, Part 2 (Art)

Hi everyone, announcement time.

If you take a look into the rules listed at the top of this topic, you may notice a change – it was recently brought to our attention that part of the ruleset we had discussed many times over the course of this contest, namely that the Artwork cannot significantly modify the MoC in any way, was missing from our posted rule sets.

As of now this has been rectified and added into the rules under heading 4e. Please note that the wording of this rule includes “by omission or addition.” While we expect artwork to be heavily stylized and we have no expectations that people conform religiously to the appearance of Connor’s MoC, we do expect, as has been discussed in the past, that your artwork does not significantly deviate from the MoC.

I would like to be the first to offer apologies to anyone who is in the process of creating their art and who may be impacted by the implementation of this rule. I recognize that while it was a widely circulated aspect of the contest it was also not explicitly stated in the rules and therefore may negatively impact some entrants.

It is my hope that making this announcement will give everyone enough time to modify their entries if necessary, as we currently only have one entry that can be said to break this rule.

If you have any questions or would like clarification, feel free to ask either in this topic or in DM. Additionally, if you are concerned that your artwork may be affected by this rule, feel free to DM me and I can give you a quick risk-assessment.

Thanks again,



Ha! See I told you!
The big hammer syndrome kicks in!


So I was thinking of covering Artakha in the runes the Baterra seemed to speak in, because I figured it made sense as a Great Being programing language, but as some other people on the boards recently discovered, it’s just Klingon from Star Trek. Would that be some kind of copyright issue if I did that?

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I mean, yeah, probably? But on top of that, I think covering Artakha with Klingon is just lame. Anyone who can recognize the language will find that pretty laughable.


Yeah, I agree. I was honestly just kind of interested in the legality more than the runes at that point. Back to the drawing board!


If an official graphic novel that was sold had Klingon and it wasn’t an issue, I don’t see how one piece of art on a wiki can be an issue.


I assume that’s simply because nobody paid attention to that/nobody cared. No wonder given the poor sales of these graphic novels.

And just because it’s official doesn’t mean it isn’t lazy or, well, dumb. The same graphic novel used stock images of Raanu and Zesk as Rock Tribe villagers, it’s pretty clear the artist didn’t really care about canon-accuracy. So yeah I wouldn’t use Klingon on Artakha, all things considered.

4 Likes here is my entry

I believe you have to post it here:

They switched it up.


Question: Are we allowed to include a matoran in the drawing?

Also, this was asked before by someone else, but I don’t think it was ever answered. Are we allowed to change the color/design of the cape?

I haven’t shown my entry but that’s exactly what I did for mine

Personally the cape is a non-structural element of the MoC and, like the mask, there should be no issues with modifying it as long as the MoC itself is represented as closely as possible in your artwork.

As for Matoran, same deal - as long as Artakha is the focus of your artwork you can have pretty much whatever you want in the background.


Do the G2 Mask of Creation’s symbols mean something? I wanna translate them to Matoran for my mask, but they aren’t letters of the Okotan alphabet.

The runes on the G2 Mask of Creation are just a fancy pattern.
They aren’t any sort of substitution cipher.

There was a fair bit of discussion on them at the time - I believe the same string of symbols appears on various G2 visuals, sometimes mirrored, to give the effect of writing without actually putting random words on stuff.


my entry! Good luck to everyone, guys!

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oh, my bad. Thank you