BIONICLE Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard, Part 2 (Art) + Part 1 Winners

No clear answer yet, then.

So, I would need to provide drawings of Gaaki’s mask, but not Pouks’s, Bomonga’s, or Kualus’s?

That’s not in the rules as far as I can tell but it seems to be my best bet.

Gaaki and Pouks would definitely need standalone images or links, but I’m not sure about the other two. Kualus probably doesn’t, and Bomonga’s would depend on how much stylization you give it, or if you just copy Hahli’s mask.

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But the standalone links for the custom mask for each Toa was already given by the MOCs entries, so I don’t see the point of uploating it again. To my understanding you should provide a new image only if one change the masks of the MOCs for a custom mask.

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This is also a completely different entry. Why should someone have to go digging through the other entries to find the mask used on the official winner?

Fair enough. Good things that every entry has a 3d mask link, so it’s easy to add them.

I take this opportunity to reask if the 3d models for Bomnga and Kualus’s mask are the canon form now? Bomonga have that mask that isn’t a regular Faxon? Can one slighly modified the masks in the art?

I originally thought in adding some details to Kualus mask, but I didn’t go any further since I didn’t know if such changes would be accepted.


If I mirror a fan-created mask (specifically this one), would I need to redraw it or could I just leave the link?

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Hey everyone, just as a heads up, we’ve been monitoring things and have decided to extend the entry period by three weeks. Any entries that have been entered thus far may make any touch-ups/corrections they’d like to in that time, but only once before the entry period ends. Thank you, everyone.


So, say we’d see the polls around early October then?

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You would have to leave a link. Redrawing is unnecessary

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but why tho

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This contest is never going to end


Have some faith. This contest has certainly been rougher than Helryx’s and Artahka’s, but that’s a bit of an overreaction.


I completely understand the decision to extend the entry period because the task of drawing 6 characters is really tough, plus I think it’s great because we are going to see more awesome artwork and make the contest more fun, however I don‘t think it‘s fair for the few of us that work really hard trying to meet the deadline and finished our work already, If I had known a few days ago that the deadline was going to be extended I could‘ve worked in my piece over several days instead of staying up all night trying to finish it , of course I can still add more stuff and make it better now but I was really stressed these last couple days trying to meet the deadline, I am not complaining I‘m just saying it should‘ve been announced a few days ago not the day before the deadline.


Are Gaaki’s tubes part of her metallic color?

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only if you want them tu be



The entries are already considered entered, but it would be unfair to anyone that felt they needed to rush before the deadline to not allow any modifications. That said, this keeps people from continuing to modify already entered submissions and resulting in us having to keep going back to ask for changes if any are needed. Once, and then we don’t need to worry about that.

Artakha’s, certainly. Helryx’s… naaaaaaaah.


NGL I was worrying about meeting the deadline with all my coursework so this is low key a relief


I went on a walk and the entire time I was mulling over how I have less than half done and due to time zones would lose a bunch of time…

Very good announcement to come back to, thank you. It seems like more than enough time but I think I’ll just pretend the due date is half the time so I actually keep hurrying.

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Okay, yeah that is pretty stink, I guess at least you have plenty of time to make your entries even better based on reaction so far?


I don’t have created a post for my entry … please help me