bionicle canon contest #3: honor guard, toa hagah contest entry

here we have my entry to the bionicle toa hagah canon contest where we have my models for the four remaining toa hagah that where never released as sets I tried to make them look consistent and equivalent to the two hagah we already have using the parts that I had and could find even though my kualas model looks like a reskin of norik but with a different mask and spear point but I hope you guys like these models anyways

toa gaaki

toa bomanga

toa kualas

toa pouks

group photo

I give consent for my mask to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses
I give consent for my metallic color choice to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses
I give consent for my spear tip to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses


These are among my favorite entries so far. They don’t deviate too much from Iruini and Norik, unlike most.


Good entries, the chest armor symmetry is better than I thought and I quite like it.

However I think you may have forgotten to include the section where you mention if you give consent for the masks, spear tips and colours to be changed or not.

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Nice team dynamic going on here. I would really like to see the masks colorized properly, but for now imagining them with metallic masks looks cool.

@Axelford, the rules do not mandate a specific location for mentioning these allowances.

If entrants do not include the subject of consent in their topic, no consent is assumed.



These are mostly good, though I’m not a fan of how you’ve attached the Nuva armour on Gaaki and Bomonga; the way you’ve done it makes it stick out way too far when viewed from the side IMO.

The only thing that bugs me here is their masks, good thing those can be changed.

The Mask choice for Poukus doesn’t work. The color doesn’t match anything else from its color scheme, and looks incredibly out of place.

You know that the mask is a placeholder, right?


hmm. The builder gave consent to the mask being changed, but does that mean that the mask color can be changed as well?

Well, it’s in the rules that the mask has to be mettalic in the final art, so yes.

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oh, okay :+1:

As simple as they are, this is exactly the kind of thing I’d want for a set of canon designs: set-accurate and consistent-looking as a team. Myself and several others have gone a similar route albeit with painting or digital designs to make use of different parts, but this is the purist take on that and I’m all for it.

Personally, if you give consent to all changes, I’ll be much more likely to vote for these guys. Granted, that could prompt artists to make changes that make the sets unreproducible without the aforementioned non-purist techniques. I don’t mind this personally.