I recall on the CBW forums I tried working on a BIONICLE Card Game with another user. It didn't really go anywhere and since then the CBW forums have been deleted.

So, I was wondering: Would anyone be interested in a BCG? What would you like to see in it? Would you be willing to help work on such a thing?

what for bionicle i dont see it going good for cards its like making figures (pokemon) to fight each other but the other way around @Studentscissors oh exuse the inika and mahri

Not really... you could even (Using you're example of pokemon) Just find Pokémon card templates and make Bionicle themed cards. With stage 2 cards being things like Nuva versions @Toa_Matoro I was using Nuva as a example for any upgraded example...

I would love to see something like this!

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I am making Bionicle cards... Bionicle Card Game Reboot-thing Folder

Interesting, but they're not quite what I imagine.

I'll try to find the old Google doc that my friend put the rules for the old BCG on.

shar it to: you'll see me.

Good news: I think I found it
Bad news: I don't have permission to access it. I have requested access and shall be waiting for a response.

Jeopardy music plays for 1 year while fangface waits.

I've thought of doing something like this in the past. I'll get my thoughts jotted down soon, but for now, I will say it is similar to MTG while taking on characteristics of Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon as well.

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The original concept was kind of Magic+Duel Masters+Hearthstone with a bit of other ccgs put in.

I haven't played Duel Masters or Hearthstone, so idk how that compares.

It had the mana system of DM (so no lands) and a Hero card that represented the player like in Hearthstone.

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Give me your G+ account and I'll add you as a do-hickey

All we'll need G+ for is to get the old rules. After that I'll put it somewhere more accessible so we can all see it.

new site?

Wasn't there already a Bionicle card game?


Yes, but it was both simple and only for the first few years.
There also was one solely for 2009, but it wasn't released in the states, or ever. idk. :confused:

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first two years actually.

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I meant few. Screw autocorrect!