Bionicle Cosplay

Has anyone here ever or in recent years done any Bionicle cosplay?
If so, what were your challanges with making the costumes and how did it pan out? (If you have images, share them if you want.)

I myself want to make a somewhat good looking Takanuva costume, but I’d need to get to that first…


There was one guy at brickfair 2019 who cosplayed as Vezon

I asked for his social media, as I was ecstatic to see a bionicle cosplayer face-to-face, but the only account he mentioned was his BZP account “Toa Zaz(?)”

My girlfriend and I want to make some Matau and Nokama costumes someday, but it’s the last thing on our minds atm in the wonderful year of 2020


There are some results if you google it, seems like the few cosplayers went for cardboard builds or some manner of heat shaped foam, with varying degrees of success


That guy behind him looks generally unimpressed.
He obviously didn’t answer any of his one-hundred and ten questions, or his followups. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was thinking about making a toa metru costume and I had some ideas on how to make it but it would be pretty hard since I have never made an entire suit/costume, I usually make only props and helmets. If I do make it I will probably post something on my YouTube channel.

Oh, and I just remembered an old mask I made


Just don’t bring it into contact with any red axles or blue pins, it would likely explode :stuck_out_tongue:


I haven’t done it in the past but I am working on a Toa Matoro Mahri costume for my first Comic Con, currently working on trying to figure out a way to make the Mask of Life light up.


maybe a combination of semi transparent material and led strips?

I have no experience at all



I made an Ahvokii out of paper mache for Halloween around 2005, but that’s been gone for a decade. I could probably 3d print one nowadays, I’ll look into it

I’ve been wanting to make some kind of costume for a while. I recently made a pattern for a life size tahu sword, but I don’t have the materials to actually make it yet.

on another note: I feel like CCBS shells would be pretty easy to recreate with EVA foam, since they’re mostly basic angular shapes, and just wearing them over a black jumpsuit would probably look pretty convincing.

Recently found this guy, maybe a few lessons can be learned from him

where is this picture from

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i don’t know

@Ghid is full of these photos. I’m trying to get him to break and tell me where they came from but he still hasn’t.

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I always assumed it was him.

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Who knows. I mean, if it is him, than why is the photo quality so bad. Or are these old photos and he’s just showing them now.

He probably makes the photo quality bad on purpose… who knows @Ghid is an elusive creature.


your methods thus far have been sad

are you questioning my artistic choices