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For nui stone, we need to set rules similar to masks. I think so. we can allow placeholders, and change the shape at art as much as we want.


I would say Nui Stones should be optional, and the sword probably should be mandated.

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am I being too annoying? :stuck_out_tongue:

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No. I meant it exactly as I wrote it. That Greg quote should not be even considered because it contradicts previously established canon and rules of the universe. Greg quotes are good guidlines when there is absence of information, but we have abundance of information and that qoutes breaches that info. If there were a qoute about Tahu being Toa of Plasma, would you go with that rather than the actual story? Of course not.
Based on everything in the story, as I expained it in my feedback post, Tuyet and Lhikan had no reason to look similar and in fact had all the reasons to look very distinct. That is why it should be encouraged.

An additon to the Nui Stone - I think it would be okay for it to be mandated only in the art portion, though I see no reason to prohibit it in the MOC portion. Handling similar to the Mask of Intangibility would be optimal. Optional placeholder in MOC portion and required inclusion in art portion.
But as long as the final product includes the Nui Stone, any configuration of its inclusion is better than none.

Also a feedback to something @Eljay asked in later post - usage of the consent system in the future. If we revisit the underlying reasons behind it, the appropriate application would be the following:

  1. Not use it when we have a preestabllished design element which needs a canon appearance to be decided along with the character - such as in this case the Mask of Intangibility, Nui Stone and Barbed Broadsword.
  2. Use it when the character has unknown Masks and/or tools (such as Zaria, Orde, Chiara).

This application maintains and goes along with the previous usage and purpose of the consent system - to balance the creative input and freedom of the entrants during different portions of the contest.


Ignore this post it was posted by accident and not fully thought out

I agree with this.
If I see a “great Tuyet” having a “NuiStone that not for me” , I can get lost in voting.
And that is the process that should be eliminated in advance as much as possible in the “Tuyet canon contest”.
(This is why I don’t currently include Nui Stone as an entry in my Tuyet topic.)


Banning the Nui Stone in the MOC portion is a way to even the field for participan who don’t have a Lego or 3d printed design for that. That way no entry have more votes just for having a rock.

But this rule should only be mandated in the main entry photo (the “canon” one). All secondary photos could have the Nui Stone or even shards embedded in Tuyet armor.

I would even go as far as banning new 3d printed masks for the main entry photo if the mask would only be a place holder.

But maybe all of this is an unnecessary precaution, and people here would understand what a placeholder is, and would wait until the art contest to see the end result.

But we are not doing that for the masks, and it would be just a placeholder just like a mask.

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As for the Nui Stone I think that it shouldn’t be explicitly mandated, but just kind of a suggestion for the moc portion. It should, however, be mandated in the art portion.


Yes, optional in MOC and mandated in art is the way to go for the Nui Stone.

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I’m pleased with its implementation in the Hagah contest. Most of the Hagah’s masks remained the same because of it and I kinda regret not using it in hindsight. Hopefully your proposed system remains for other characters with unknown mask powers and shapes i.e. Orde, Zaria, Chiara (X-shaped Volitak)

I’m neutral on Tuyet though. I think a fully equipped moc will have a better chance at winning but I’d leave that up to the voters.


Be nice if Greg could check his emails so we could finally end this contest


Greg: “Cool fanart of Toa Nidhiki and Dume but who are the other guys? I don’t remember them in the story.”


Also Greg(probably): “That Toa Nidhiki should be just green, btw”


He’s probably hibernating.


I don’t know how they approach Greg, but they should be direct: “Hey Greg, this is how the Toa Hagah looks, right, right?” “Do you remember that prime Tuyet also had a barbed broadsword?”

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Here’s the thing about the Green argument: Technically Nidhiki is mono-green. However if we take BOADH into account he has to have silver chest armor, due to the Shadowed One never mentioning his chest being mutated. Besides that we also need a secondary color to break him up. Grey doesn’t work since he just looks like Matau with a weird mask and lime kinda defeats the whole “mono-green thing” so black parts for hands and feet it is. Now add in a few flairs and voila! He is complete. Limitations breed creativity so knowing where the lines are doesn’t mean the picture has to be bland. There’s also more details about Nidhiki but I’ll save them for replies.

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Nidhiki’s head and arms had changed their shape. Most grotesque of all, his lower body now resembled that of a huge, four-legged insect.

Even if you were to take this as law of the only things that changed shape, there’s no mention of color, even though we know he changed color. His chestplate could still be (and based on Greg’s statement, probably is) a green Gahlok-Kal shield.

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Good Point. It’s a little confusion how his armor would have the dye leech out of it during his transformation but it’s plausible. However Lhikan also manages to recognize Nidhiki while mutated. Granted Greg even mentions that Lhikan had likely heard Rumors of what happened and would recognize his voice, it also makes sense that he would recognize the unchanged torso from his former brother.

He’s green, but did Greg ever say he’s one shade of green? Metru green and mata green, for example, should be fair game, I think.

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