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guys, I’ve got it! Let’s just draw nidhiki only from the neck down! Problem solved.



hundred percent

Or, since that might restrict creativity, we can mandate monochrome and silhouettes!


Honestly, I think the best solution is for TTV to send a quick mail to Greg for clarification before the contest rules are announced. Provide his previous answers, and note how it’s still potentially ambiguous. There should probably be enough time, seeing as the Nidhiki contest isn’t for another year+. Not sure if it’s necessary to do before the Chiara contest, but that could be done too.


So then I have to ask the controversial question

Is this a Volitak?


Depends on who you are.

It is to me.


Yes but it’s not nidhiki’s

I think I have to agree: This isn’t quite definitive. Each answer has a margin of error:

2) Would the mask of stealth that Nidhiki wore be the same as the one Nuparu now wears, only a different colour? Could it have been a different style like Lhikan’s hau?

2) Yes

This is merely a confirmation that they have the same mask power; there aren’t two powers both referred to as “Stealth”. This cannot be taken to mean that their masks are the same shape, since Greg did not address the mutations on Nuparu’s mask. If you take “the same as the one Nuparu now wears” to mean “same shape” then that would mean that Nidhiki’s mask also has tubes, which we know is not true.

[EDIT: After reading closer, I do believe that this was intended to say that Nuparu and Nidhiki’s masks are identical. However, this came from early 2007, probably before it was confirmed that Nuparu’s mask was changed in some way. Because we know that they are not identical, so this statement cannot be true.]

2. Does Nuparu Mahri’s Kanohi look exactly like Nidhiki’s or was there some difference to them?

2) Not exactly, because Nuparu’s has tubes attached, etc.

Here, Greg says “etc.”. This means that there could be other differences.

2) Are their masks the same shape as the normal versions of these masks, with the exception of the tubes, or are they slightly modified (ie. what appears to be a breathing apparatus on the bottom of Nuparu’s mask only being on his and not on Nidhiki’s)?

2) Far as I know, they are normal shape

Here, he gives his intentionally-vague “As far as I know”.

When Nidhiki a Toa, we know he wore a mask of Stealth in the same shape as Toa Nuparu. Now, was Nidhiki mask the same silver color and did he have the blue visor?

No, it would have been green

This question seems to be operating off of the assumption that the shapes are identical, which, as shown above, is not conclusive. (Does Greg not denying the unproven statement make it true? Maybe it does)

Also, there’s something else interesting here: This was a two part question. If we take Greg’s answer as answering both parts, then he is saying that the mask is not silver, and the visor is green. Meaning that a standard Volitak has a visor. (I might be reading a bit too far into this one. I’m pretty sure Greg meant that the mask is green, then he just ignored the part about the visor.)

1. Is it possible that the OoMN gave Mazeka the breathing tube on his Volitak to use when he has to be in an aquatic environment while spying on whoever needs to be spied on?

1) No

As Willess12 pointed out, this is not necessarily proof that the breathing apparatus exists. There is also the same question as above: The original question assumes that Mazeka’s breathing device is canon. Does Greg not shutting that assumption down make it canon?

2. Would a normal Kanohi Tryna (or any of the Toa Mahri’s masks) look the same just without the tubes?

2. Yes, probably

There’s that noncommittal answer again.

1. Is the Kanohi Garai that Hewkii Mahri wears in normal Garai form, or did the Ignika stylize it?

1. None of the Mahri masks are really normal, because they all have tubes coming out of them, for one thing

Just as he said “etc.” before, Greg leaves us with another cliffhanger here: “for one thing”.

This suggests that there are other differences with the masks.

[Also, only one of these questions asked Greg about the visor, and he may not have even answered it. Does a standard Volitak have a visor, or is that one of those unspecified changes that Greg alludes to? This is a question that, to my knowledge, has never been answered.]

So, as for my personal interpretation: I firmly believe that Greg wanted to make the Mahri masks the standard shapes, but he was hedging his bets in case Lego later decided otherwise.

EDIT: JACKPOT. Greg has addressed the visors, as well as Nuparu’s breathing device.

1 ) Is the visor part of Pohatu’s Kakama Nuva?[3]
1a ) …Lewa’s Miru Nuva?
1b ) …the Faxon?
1c ) …the Tryna?
1d ) …the original Kaukau?
1e ) Are visors optional on any of the above masks?

2 ) Do optional parts like Nuju’s eyepiece, the visors (if they are indeed seperate from the masks and optional), or Nuparu’s underwater breathing mechanism have to be incorporated in the mask’s production, or can they be added on later?

2a ) Can they be removed later, and does this affect the mask’s ability to function?

2b ) Are visors in this category of optional parts?

  1. The visors existed because of the environments the Toa were in. The Nuva masks are adaptable, and the Mahri masks were created to function underwater.

  2. They can be added on later
    2a) Yes, they can be removed
    2b) See answer to #1. Visors have not been added by mask makers.


These are jokes, but I was seriously considering suggesting that we draw him side-profile so it’s up to you whether or not there’s a “breathing apparatus” on the other side. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, all I feel we know for sure about Nidhiki’s mask is that is is green and it’s not shaped like another mask (say, the Kualsi).
It’s vague whether or not how “standard” the Volitaks we’ve seen so far are. So there’s a little elbow room, but not tons, in my mind.


Surely does look like one to me, but I could be mistaken. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I need to clean my glasses.

If you open the quote that says strictly “yes”, as Racie quoted, you’ll see it’s from April 2007, so Idk what your argument here is.
Just so you’re aware Greg’s been answering questions since 2003, simultaneously as the story was going on.

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One thing I’ve been thinking about (though I don’t necessarily believe this) is that Greg said Nidhiki’s Volitak was “Volitak-shaped.” He didn’t say it was the standard shape IIRC, only that it was “shaped” like a Volitak. Consider: Lhikan’s Hau is arguably Hau-shaped, but it is not the standard Hau design. Ergo, TTV may wanna ask Greg what he meant by “Volitak-shaped,” or how flexible this definition should be regarding his mask.

I bring this up because, clearly, a good number of people want to see Nidhiki with a Volitak unlike Nuparu’s or Mazeka’s, and there’s demand to see him with a Kualsi because it was originally supposed to go to him; however, that will not be canonized with the established answers from Greg in place. However, if Greg’s sorta vague wording is to be taken at face value, it’s not inconceivable that Lil’ Dhiki might have a Volitak that has the little “chin wings” the Kualsi does, or something else that references the Vahkhi head. Otherwise, he’ll just have the Volitak we see in set form.

I’m putting this out there to propose a compromise between people who want to adhere to what Greg has said (which I think is the right move) and who want to disregard the set design for the mask in favor of something more personalized to the character (which would have its merits if it didn’t contradict existing canon). If I’m entirely wrong and Greg has absolutely confirmed that he has a Volitak identical to what Nuparu and Mazeka wore, please call me out now; but I think it’s worth considering what our limitations actually are.


Aight at the end of the day ASSUMING Nidhiki’s Volitak DOESN’T have a rebreather, we’re not going to suddenly mandate that you’re not allowed to use the version with one. Because that would suck.

Assuming he says Nidhiki’s Volitak IS similar to Nuparu’s, we’re not going to force you to paint the mask. Cause that would be dumb.

Nidhiki’s also a way off and while it’s not out of the question to ask these kind of things of Greg… it’s also super trivial. He’s said before it’s Volitak Shaped. All current media depicts Volitaks as, well, Volitak Shaped. Because there’s only one shape for the Volitak, canonically, at this time. While we COULD absolutely make the effort to ask Greg that question… It’s not happening any time soon, certainly not before we’re coming up to a contest that necessitates that clarification.

Regardless of Greg’s clarification it’s not like we can make a contest where we realistically mandate you have to go out and purchase a 3D printed, non official mask. It just doesn’t make sense.


It’s like I said before: mocs use whatever mask they want, art makes it a volitak (possibly with/without the rebreather).

Another reason why why could use some Skakdi spines in
Anybody working on those?

In the context of answering questions about Kanohi, the word “shape” has always meant “standard shape”.

So Nidhiki is confirmed to have a standard-shaped Volitak, but there is still controversy about what that means. We know that it does not include the tubes or the visor from Nuparu Mahri, but the biggest question is about the canister on the chin. Is that part of the “standard” mask, or was it a unique Mahri mutation, and Mazeka’s mask is non-canon like Krakua’s?

I used to think that it would be dumb for it to be part of the standard mask, but then I was introduced to the idea that it could be a muffler of sorts, to increase stealth; after all, the natural powers of the Volitak may not muffle breathing.

Greg’s answers have always leaned towards the Mahri masks being completely standard (except for the tubes and visors, which would make the canister part of the mask), but he has never given an unequivocally definitive answer, and he has never given a full list of what made the Mahri masks unique.


I have a question regarding armor color.
It is known that all Toa Hagah wear specific armor made from precious metals.
Could it be that said metal is black?
I mean, for Pokus or Bomonga black armor would look gorgeous.

You’d be welcome to build your entries in that style, but I don’t think there’s any way it would be mandated.


I think it would have to be some kind of metallic black, but there is no mandate on what metallic colours are used. #pinkpouks2021

Another thing to keep in mind is that the armour is supposed to set them apart from other Toa; if Bomonga has black armour, wouldn’t he just look like another Toa of Earth?


Anything metallic should be fine. There is the metallic black used for Vorahk and the 03 Kraahkan I guess. However I agree, metallic black would not be fitting for Bomonga as it blends in with his primary color of black. No mandate needed there, though.

So to further build on to this, I believe the reason people want artwork to be an option here is because they find the Metru build limiting, and easier to work around and make unique in art form.

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Yeah, as long as it’s metallic, it should be fine.

I plan on using the bronze/gold and silver for team cohesiveness, myself.