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Yes but Norik’s body is black. I’m just saying it lacks consistency from the get go.

Maybe, but theres this quote: “ those chosen were bestowed with armor made of precious metals, to honor them as elite Toa.”
I wasn’t going by MY definition, but what is said in canon.

Perhaps, but there’s nothing saying those metals weren’t colored at all via alloys. Rose gold, among other colored gold alloys, is a thing, after all.

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Huh. The more you know. I guess silver can be a standard colour for more elements. So Norik’s armour really isn’t that special, I guess?

This is a good point.

If we are going to say that silver is just metallic grey, then gold is just metallic yellow, which is a standard Fire colour. So Lhikan’s armour is standard.

Of course, that doesn’t make sense. The metallic and non-metallic versions of colours cannot be treated the same.

Wait. I just torpedoed my own argument about Kualus’s blue. Good job. You guys win. (I still don’t think it should be blue, but that’s pure opinion at this point)

He’s also special by virtue of being a Toa Nuva.

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Yeah maybe, I wasn’t saying anything other than what was canon as true in that instant though.

Facepalm Jaller
Bother, I was referring to his comic pictures. My bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I guess that does mean some of the Hagah could have a non-metallic secondary without messing things up too much. Fair enough, I’ve been persuaded (though I’m still not convinced it would actually look better in practice that way).

Entirely fair, but who is to say that “Pinkium” isn’t the most valuable metal in the Bionicle universe? :stuck_out_tongue:
(In all seriousness, there’s a point to be made here. All metals in the MU are forms of protodermis, anyway.)

While I agree Kualus shouldn’t be silver or gold, Gaaki shouldn’t be metallic blue or gold, and the like, that is ultimately just an opinion and there’s really no reason they couldn’t coincidentally have those colors.

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Theres also the issue that ALL of the Rahaga have a secondary color of orange in their torso that is neither present on Toa Iruini or Norik. My thoughts on this was that the secondary colors were not translated into the rahaga forms.

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This is another good point - regardless of in-universe feasibility, we don’t want to pick a colour that would mislead as to the actual element. Gold Gaaki would look more Psionics than Water.

Not super relevant, but this isn’t quite true. The Cendox V1 and Thornatus V9 have Exsidian weapons. So, based on the sets, Exsidian is silver, or possible black.

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Well the orange is for the eyes…?

silver is such an ordinary color in the MU that metru nui matoran paint the tops of their masks silver to denote that they’re powerless.

Norik’s armor is made out of a special type of silver-colored metal that appears the same in set form. You’d probably represent aluminum and platinum with the same color in set form, but that doesn’t mean those metals are equal in rarity. Therefore we can’t assume the rarity of the armor materials based solely on what Lego color is used.


There were two orange Technic beams used in the head for the eyes, but then there were also two more in the torso, just because Lego didn’t want to include the piece in multiple colours, I guess.

No, its also in the torso.

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I had no idea that was confirmed - I only remembered it being mentioned in a short story. I’ve edited it out of the post to avoid misinformation, though the point I was making is still valid.

I’m honestly learning a lot in this topic today. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good point. I still wish it was more visually unique, but that ship has sailed.

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I agree.

But seriously, do you suppose that a preliminary voting of color schemes is something that could be enforced by the moderators or at least vote on? Or should we spend more time discussing it to get a better feel


Norik & Iruini both use black as a secondary color, in addition to their primary red and green, and metallic armor


I’d say those are more filler colours than secondary colours; you can’t even see Iruini’s black chest piece under his gold chest armour.

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It’s a stretch for Iruini, but Norik has significant black, especially from angles that aren’t front views. Sure, it’s mainly one piece, but it’s the single largest piece in the set.