BIONICLE G1 Canon Contests Discussion & Questions

It may be extremely popular among Metru build stans, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be wrong. Plus, I seriously doubt many of those you mentioned also believe the proportions have nothing to do with its qualification.

I’ve already given the arguments in days past. They weren’t liked then, and so I’m not going to reiterate them, but I’m also not going to change my mind because the arguments presented on your half aren’t much convincing either.

Plus, I’m not trying to convince you, really. I’m listing off reasoning for the freedom of building custom torsos and also combating reasoning against it, so that every card can be on the table.

Then I’ll mention this as well: I’m also arguing for the creative freedom of people who want to diversify their design with more than just the limbs as an option. I’d like the option for a proper waist swivel to exist if it can. I’d like the contest to be more than which model has fancier shoulders.

Otherwise there’s no point in a moc contest, and I really want there to be a moc contest that matters.

Funnier? No. Funny? Yes.

And I don’t need the Bionicle community to agree with me - there are dozens of communities to which I could reach, with ten times the voting power of the Helryx voters. In two weeks, definitely I could win.

The danger very much exists. This example just happens to be of a joke entry.

The Inika are Toa sized too.

A Metru build should have Metru proportions.

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Guys… I think we’ve come to the point where we can say this.
-The size of a metru torso
-The proportions of a metru Toa

Argument is over if the torso is a defining factor. (I believe so)

I say let it be allowed. But point stands, you’ll see many people ARE in favor of it being classified as having the torso piece being a defining attribute. If you choose to not use the chest, you are SERIOUSLY and GRAVELY stunting yourself. I think we are not going to convince one another past this point and we can just say we will let our vote speak. I for one will not even consider someone not using a metru torso and I feel everyone else with that mindset will agree.


Kudos to that.

I will wholeheartedly continue to provide reasoning for the usage of custom-built torsos, but if the community is so decidedly for the torso piece, does arguing against custom torsos even matter? If everyone insists on having the torso piece be in the moc, just let it slide and work on defining the build another way.

The community, if so very biased towards the piece, will vote for the entries with said piece regardless of whether or not it’s mandatory.

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For the sake of clarity, I’ll break this down. My two separate arguments are thus:

  1. one piece of plastic does not define a whole build. This logic is ridiculous, and I stand by that claim.
  2. There are many valid reasons someone might want to go with a custom torso, if they’re allowed. These are not arguments for why they should be allowed.

Then let’s get back to that, as this discussion has been rather tiresome.

Greg confirmed that the Hagah all use Metru builds. Metru builds must have a Metru torso. Whether that’s the only criterion doesn’t matter for now–there’s only so much you can do to a Toa Hagah before it no longer looks like something the community will want. The Metru torso is necessary to adhere to canon, end of story.

You can gussy up a Metru build to the point where it’s totally unique. Downplay it all you want, but there’s plenty of room for creativity. Again, look at all the Metru builds out there, even for some of the Hagah–there’s a lot of variation.

Considering how paranoid TTV ultimately has to be, and how much of a red flag such a huge wave of voters would be, it probably won’t be as easy as you seem to think it will be. And that’ll be especially suspicious on a joke entry after Bendy failed.

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I apologize for misrepresenting your argument. I’ve been addressing your points with regards to the fact that the rules are not yet set in stone and this discussion is potentially influencing what those rules end up being. I suppose I’m arguing the hypothetical you’ve constructed your argument around rather than your argument itself. I stand by my points, but I understand I wasn’t responding to what you were trying to say with yours.


Again, not a fact. I agree with the belief that it should be mandatory, but it’s not confirmed.

This can be done while still using the official Metru torso piece.

Well I don’t want that because it’d look terrible in a line up. :triumph:

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Okay? And?

Also, how? What is it about a waist swivel makes it automatically look bad, regardless of how it’s implemented?

(Or were you being satirical? I can’t tell with the emoji.)

In your opinion.

If that were everyone’s opinion, we wouldn’t be having this debate. But clearly, there’s enough people who think differently.

hey, it’s totally cool. It gets tiresome to say the same thing over and over again, but I fully recognize I’m responding to multiple people, some of whom might have missed what I said to another person. Sorry if it seems like I’m griping at you, or any specific person for that matter.

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For sure. I misread it earlier, so my bad.

I think I’m mostly worried that too many people won’t take lore or design consistency into consideration unless it’s enforced, which we don’t really know will be the case.

Based on how the previous contests went, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re given incredibly familiar designs that stick with the community consensus of a metru build for the Hagah i.e. metru torso + similar proportions to Norik and Iruini + same colors as Rahaga. However, I like certainty, which is where most of my concern stems from.

Worse comes to worst, my response will be the same as always. Oh well.

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Exactly. Regardless of what anyone thinks is or isn’t fair to allow, at the end of the day the majority of us want models that will fit in with Norik & Iruini, and some of the suggestions and allowances argued for here are so far away from that it’s amazing they’re even being put forward.

The goal should be to pick 4 toa who look, feel, and function like they could have been released alongside Norik & Iruini. Period.


The rules shouldn’t care about how these four look next to Norik and Iruini. The only thing that the rules should enforce are citable canon facts.

It is not a citable canon fact that Bomonga looks good next to Norik and Iruini.

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Its not that waist swivels are bad, its just not the place for it. It would set them so far apart from the models we do have it’d stick out like a sore thumb. I want coherency.


It could be done in such a way that the only visual difference is the lack of gear teeth on the crotch. And even that could maybe be finagled.

If that’s a big enough difference to you, then fair enough, I guess. But I don’t see it as that big of a difference.

I do, and so do a lot of others. If it got waist swivel I ain’t voting for it, apologies. You know you can still have a personal moc right? I feel thats truly so much better for the people that want the mocs to look dramatically different from the other canon characters we have


Everyone dicusses Metru build for… third time, if I am not mistaken.
I see 1 conclusion out of those discussions: everyone has their own definition of a Metru build. I see no way (at all) to make an “official” or a “canon” or a “for those contests” defifnition, without any Greg’s statements, but I doubt he will make any, because set designs/builds were not made by him.

Hovewer, I think there is a way to make a “community” definition: the Cast can make a poll, where people can vote for what they think is a Metru build. With variants being something like this:

  • Metru torso piece only
  • Metru torso piece and Inika hips
  • Metru torso piece and proportions
  • Custom torso and proprtions

And so on and so forth, with different combinations of “Metru torso”, “proportions”, “Custom torso”…
Also, such a polls could be held for rules about Hagah’s kanohi, armor colors and many other aspects.
Hope this is helpful/useful.

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A good idea. Though I’d argue that it’s a lot simpler:

  1. Metru build is any build that uses the Metru torso
  2. Metru build is any design that mimics the proportions/shaping of the Toa Metru.

I think that sums up the two sides, and would be the easiest to get results from a poll. Adding too much just convolutes the issue.


Perhaps a multiple choice “what defines a Metru build” poll, with options such as

Torso construction
Limb construction
General shaping/look

Would give a better idea of where people’s priorities lie.

What rules are there to set here?

There comes a point where you have to let the contests decide this stuff, and it is this point. The only thing confirmed by canon is that the Hagah are Metru builds. I can understand a poll to define what that means, but I see no use for polls beyond that.

Anything else is either open-ended enough to let the votes decide (such as metallic armour colour), or a contest-specific detail that the TTV staff can set up on their own, just like these first two contests (such as rules about placeholder shields).

The only reason there should be a poll to determine what a Metru build is is because it is related to a concept that goes beyond the scope of the contests.

Also, as for another topic of interest: what are everyone’s thoughts on metallic armour distribution?

Should each entry have to follow the same metallic armour distribution as on Norik and Iruini (Kanohi, shoulders, chest, thighs, feet), or should they be allowed to switch it up (shins, codpiece, etc.)?

Personally, I think this should be as open as possible (especially since metallic shinguards seem to be popular), perhaps with lower and upper limits on total metallic coverage.

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