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Past votes ended with an appropriate sized moc.

Let people vote and decide for themselves

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I like arguing (I consider it “debating”) about canon because it makes me feel like this


I think the issue’s on your end; I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m being taken to the individual posts.

(Although I guess it wouldn’t hurt to mention the post number anyways)

Is it unheard-of for me to suspend my disbelief and see a MOC and not say “Whoa. Way too big”? As long as the MOC looks good and there is a Barbed-Broadsword-Like weapon involved, I’d be cool with what size it needed to be to achieve it, within reason. As long as tall-girl Tuyet isn’t plopped next to stock best-boi Lhikan to show the difference, I have enough imagination to believe they are of similar height. Adding a height restriction to any character that inherently has no restrictions other than the arbitrary “rough toa-size (+/-)” is limiting to what can be created, especially when the build requires specific details such as sharp glowy stones imbeded into armor. Heck, every single Toa MOC I’ve made is taller than Iruini, not to reveal a personal bias or anything (yikes).


That’s not necessarily a problem. All Toa are canonically roughly the same size even though the sets are absolutely not. And we actually do have a titan Toa: '08 Takanuva, who (near as I can tell) didn’t actually canonically get bigger when he mutated, at least not enough to notice. (If there’s a Greg quote that confirms he did get taller, by all means, I’d like to see it.)

“Is it just me, or are you bigger?”
Gali, Legends 11

“But had I grown in size? Yes, I guess I had”
Takanuva’s blog

“Hey! When did you get bigger?”-Pohatu
“It’s similar to the way the Matoran of light are taller than any others we have known.” -Kopaka
Also Legends 11


He did get taller because Karda Nui makes Toa and Matoran of light naturally bigger. Thats why the matoran sets were bigger compared to Metrutoran.


He did actually get taller, as a result of the “energies” in Karda Nui. From Bionicle Legends 11: The Final Battle:


" *“What now?” asked Takanuva. *
“Well, first we –” began Pohatu. He stopped when he realized he had to look up to see the Toa of Light. “Hey! When did you get bigger?”
“Fascinating,” said Kopaka, eyeing Takanuva, who was now several inches taller than anyone else in the room. “It’s similar to the way the Matoran of Light are taller than any others we have known. Perhaps it’s this place, the energies of it, working on their unique systems.”"

Regardless, though, I agree with what you and @Barafu have said; the official models don’t exactly have the most consistent scale to start with, and this model isn’t even official. It just determines the base appearance of Tuyet, which can then be reconstructed on a smaller scale later, if desired.



If there isn’t a size restriction, I am still going to likely vote for a more conventional sized Toa, heads up to anyone planning on making a Titanic Toa


So this may be a silly question, because I’m not sure if it was already answered or not, but has Tuyet’s mask design been canonized already? I’ve seen a few 3D printed versions of it, and it seems that everyone makes her mask the same shape more or less. Has everyone just agreed that’s what they like her mask to look like, or was it just coincidence? Thanks :smiley:

No it hasn’t. Khingk’s design is just really popular in the community

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Er, I stand corrected. This was happening for awhile recently (I know because I experienced it), but it seems to have been a temporary error as I can’t reproduce it.

Yeah mine is a head bigger than Inika builds.

Btw it would be interesting if some would use the winning mask shapes of this contest for the masks in later contests.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Perhaps the blade could be extended. Something like this


Inika had some other balancing. Like 2 normal/2 transparent/2 marbled, 3/3 chestplate and 3/3 feet split

That hasn’t been defined and is more likely that she doen’t need to have them. She only has those stones in her armor once. Empress Tuyet and main Tuyet in Teridax’s Reign doesn’t have those.

He get bigger in Karda Nui, that why he is a titan (and for a sell an expisier toy). Another titan size toa is Toa Mata Nui wich isn’t canon.

That is true. 2001-2003 have one scale, 2010 another. But most sets have the same scale around their peers. And while the model isn’t official, it kinda is. It will become the base model for anyone that will want to recreate her.


Hey did we receive the results for the Hagah yet?

No we didn’t

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Dang I was interested to see who won.

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