BIONICLE G1 Canon Contests Discussion & Questions

The polls are open for another hour, and then the staff need some time to process the results and verify the votes.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if they delay the results by a day or so so that the announcement comes on 810nicle Day.

They’re officially coming on 810. EDIT: Er, I guess 811.


I’m so hyped! :smiley:


Dumb question. Shouldn’t BIONICLE day be on 8th of October? Lego is a Danish company and they use a day-month format.


Gah, that’ll be right in the middle of my workshift! :upside_down_face: :rofl:

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This is true, but Bionicle’s market was mostly North America; any fan events are more likely to use the North American style.


I’ve thought of that too, but unfortunately nothing fits in between the two Takadox blades. So, there’s really no elegant way to put a connection point on the blade tip

so that’s why I had 47 unreads …


Oh, okay. I didn’t know that 810NICLE day was such an organized event, so thanks for the info! I’ll definitely check out some of the panels tomorrow and Wednesday.

maybe instead of putting something in between the blades, you could put something (like a long tile) over the blades.

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Poll statistics are live for people interested!

Took a peek at the polls my entries were in (sorry for the vanity), and honestly? It’s really cool seeing that my entries were second and third preferences for a non-zero amount of people.

Despite half of the topics I’ve started being MOC-centered, I don’t consider myself a MOCist in any sense. I knew going into this that my entries weren’t exactly getting any awards, and after seeing the sheer volume of entries, I felt even more sure they weren’t going to make it past the first round. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it’d be cool if they did, but I wasn’t particularly expecting it. And that’s okay, managing expectations is a key life skill that seems easily lost in the internet age.

Now though, seeing that a handful (and I do mean a handful) of people still liked mine enough on any level to vote for them at any of the preference tiers, well… I feel proud. Albeit not a MOCist, I do consider myself “a creative” in other mediums. But, for better or worse, I don’t put my stuff out there, be it in contests or simply on forums and other public places. So to have even that level of recognition, it does feel nice. And it feels selfish saying that, because there are about 100 other people who’ve had maybe worse experiences with this contest. Or better experiences. Or maybe about the same experience as me. For this moment though, I’ll let myself feel nice.

Although, I am now left with plenty of “ifs.” If I had used less grainy renders, if I had included detailed backgrounds, if I posed them more dynamically. But, ah well, such is life :sweat_smile:. You live and you learn. And, assuming I finish any of my other potential entries, what lessons I’ve learned from the Hagah I will be taking with me into any of the future contests.

Apologies for the sentimentality, but I felt if I didn’t get any of that off my chest, I might explode into a cloud of warm fuzzies. :laughing:


I always tought Greg and faber were danish since Lego is a danish company. I’m from nordic countries, it well known here what other countries produce/have.

Month/day/year. How this did take off in the america? It sounds equally weird as saying minutes before hours.

Can you attach something to the pin holes at the takadox blades? Like:Technic, Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular 3L with Center Pin Hole?



Please no. I don’t want to get dizzy.

Not sure, but let’s all recognize october eighth as international bionicle day just to keep things fair.


Saying “it’s October 6th” is a lot shorter than saying “it’s the 6th of October”


I’m pretty Faber’s Danish, but Greg’s American. Faber was more involved in the original creation on Lego’s home turf, and Greg was brought in later in the North American market.

It’s not just the number order, I believe we also say it differently as well; “February 17th”, rather than “17th of February”


lol, I live in a country that uses year/month/day, so I don’t feel strange that August 10th is Bionicle Day.
(And here became Bionicle Day an hour ago. XD)


Faber is indeed Danish.

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Isn’t the point of these contests is to decide characters’ appearances?

The challenge isn’t to design “what-if” LEGO-style toys for people’s shelves. (Although if you like that, feel free to vote that way.)

As a general principle, we should let people build these biomechanical characters as best they can within the chosen medium, without unnecessary restrictions. (The in-canon characters aren’t chunks of plastic after all.) Then we can vote on the best representation.

Was under the impression that Europe’s LEGO market is at least the same size. But if it’s worth discussing more it probably shouldn’t be in this topic.


Worth noting that the heads of the contests, Eljay and Meso, are American. So for them, bionicle day is on August* 10.


You mean August 10th? Because October 10th is 10/10/21.


Rather than having it back-to-back on August 10th and 11th, just delay all the events on the 11th until October 8th.