Bionicle G1 v.s G2

Hi guys, Coolio here and as of today I will no longer be on a hiatus. So I would like to discuss an important topic that is probably brewing throughout the community. My friend AllstarGabe started a topic about how G2 sucks. So I thought, G1 vs G2. This is something I want to mention because, Bionicle 2016 sets are going to be released. This is a topic that, again, has been brewing through the community. So let us begin. I will discuss the pros n' cons about the books, media, the story, and as such, the sets. So let us begin with G1.
G1 was great, I admit, and the system was perfect, because you could also use regular Lego system sets with it. The movies and books were okay, not the best. But this gave G1 a popularity increase. I must mention some of these are my opinion.

1. The media: songs from official bands like Move Along, were great. The movies were not as much. However they were popular for younger kids. Then, the mini movies and commercials were amazing, mostly the Toa Mahri mini movie, which got me into Bionicle.

  1. Books: I own every Bionicle book, including the comics, and they were GREAT!!! They followed the main story, with additional details that was not mentioned on

3.Sets: They were cool, and very popular, but I express disdain toward the use of the Inika build since 2006, which was pretty boring.

1. Breakage of sets: this was one problem most kids would go through. However I talk about 2008-2010, because Bionicle reintroduced the hand sockets and joint sockets and they were a different shape. These broke more easily than the 2001-2007 sets. (Except the sets with lime green from 2007 who broke very easily).

  1. Complexity: the story was so complex and it was hard for younger kids to understand.
    There were words they probably could not pronounce. Like kanohi, for example. Or the names of the kanohi masks. It was that complex.

Now onto G2. G2 is a different story. It is easier to understand, and it used CCBS system, with new pieces.


  1. CCBS: unlike G1, G2 used Hero Factory's CCBS. The complexity of the builds were a bit harder, but worth it. Also the sets would not break on you.

  2. Easier for children: What I mean by easier for children is the story. It was not as complex as G1, and it was a bit easier to follow.

  3. Media: The episodes were good, and enjoyable. I do not have much for this, because Journey to One has not been released yet.

  4. The books were written in a similar style to G1, so I do not have much for this, yet again.


  1. Price: this is the one con for G2. The price! The price of a Toa set today, $20, is the price of a titan, like Axonn, for example. The matoran of 08' were $6, about. The Protectors are $10! That is a bit above the price for a Toa Metru, which was about $7. This is very saddening. But then again, the amount of pieces are what make up for the money.

So thank you, this is something I also want your opinions on, and not just mine. Thank you again.

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the price is definatly the biggest con of g2 so far

You have to take into account however, that A: Lego was failing as a company at the time of bionicle's conception and B: the U.S was in an economic depression at the time. With inflation being the way it is right now, I would say the price per set is about par for the course.


One thing that I think we should keep in mind is that G1 completed its run after 10 years, while G2 hasn't quite finished its first. We don't know how G2 will play out in the future. I'm all for making comparisons but if we are judging the generations as whole the G2 side is incomplete.


G1 has a lot of problems.

Mike drop

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It really does, thats why we have a reboot in the first place.

You can't compare those sets. The Protectors have so many more pieces than the Mahritoran.

In my personal opinion, G2 is beter in almost every way. Key word being almost. Name one thing both G1 and G2 did, I guarantee I can think of a reason why G2 did it better.

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Um, Takanuva, the Ignika, the Vahi, the brotherhood of Makuta, jetpacks, chain-link fences, glow in the dark teeth, light-up eyes, light-up swords, under-water theme, and the variety and colors of collectible masks. Is that better? Plus, the fact G1 saved Lego.

and the protectors are superior to every small set we've ever gotten

Well, G2 hasn't done that, so you can't compare.

Same as above.

The Vahi in G1 Bionicle was useless. The new one is used much better.

Making Makuta a species confused quite a few people who were used to calling Teridax "Makuta". G2 made him just Makuta.

Now you aren't being serious.

We've only had G2 for one year. The Mahri came in G1's seventh year. You can't compare that, because G2 hasn't done it.

No, it didn't. The Star Wars license saved Lego if anything. If you want to talk on that subject, my friend @Plural is pretty much the expert.

Yes they are. :smile:


I like how you say "the G2 Vahi is better" when it does the exact same thing as the old one: speed up time.

Star Wars and Bionicle saved LEGO to be precise. Bionicle was the better of the two cause its their own IP and all the profits from it went to them.

Yes, but it was used much better. The old one slowed down time so that Lihkan died in slow motion. That's all it did. The new one sped up time to make the stars align and bring down the Toa.

Yes, Lego got all profits from Bionicle, but Star Wars sold better, so it is hard to say which of the two gave them more money. Yes, Bionicle also helped them in their financial crisis thingo, but when people say "Bionicle single-handedly save the Lego company" it bugs me, because it isn't true.

Actually, it slowed down the Kal long enough for the Toa Nuva to come up with a plan. It also gave Vakama a bargaining chip in Time Trap. (I guess that doesn't count as it being used, but it did happen, so count it if you wish)

Let's not forget that in G1, the MoT had a defined ability set. We don't know what the G2 MoT can and can't do. That right there is a flaw for G2.

Yeah, but that's still not much.

Yeah, it isn't being used, so no.

Is it? What's wrong with keeping the mystery in Bionicle that all the fans pleaded for since 2006?

And a small one at that.

Story Presentation?

Set Design?



Hey, we've only had one year of G2 so far, and next year, it's getting a TV show.

The 2015 Toa are superior to the 2001 Toa in every way imaginable.

They're mostly the same Characters as in '01, but with slightly different personalities, and all of them you can relate to at least one.

The Island of Mata Nui was not too different from Okoto, except that it was smaller.

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I like you.


And, we have a book. G1 didn't have books till '03.

Thank you.

ur welcum peeko

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