Bionicle G2 complaints

I know that there are already “Bionicle G2 discussion” topics out there, but before you try to merge this topic, I just want to clarify that this isn’t intended to be a general discussion.

This Topic is solely for the purpose of bionicle fans voicing the gripes and disappointments that they had with G2. So, what are your complaints about Bionicle G2?

I’ll start off with my own:

  1. I was disappointed in the lack of mask compatibility with the G1 or Hero Factory heads.

  2. I feel that the story was really rushed and unsatisfactory, especially toward the end.

  3. This is my biggest complaint: I am extremely disappointed that we never got an official Makuta set, and I have neither the time nor resources to meticulously scour Bricklink for all the required parts, then order a custom 3D-printed mask.

Anyways, what are your own complaints about G2?

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