Bionicle G2 Continuation PT 3

SNAP!.. SNAP!.. SNAP!.. The giant beasts jaw snaps furiously at Lewa’s feet trying to grab on as Lewa desperately tries to keep his distance. This beast is about six or seven times the size of Lewa, its head about half its own size. Lewa dodges and dives out of the way of its powerful jaws and gnashing teeth. Then he has a brilliant idea. So he just flat out stops in mid air, surprising the beast who overshoots Lewa. He takes this opportunity to fly as fast as he can back to the cave he found this beast in. With the beast hot on his tail, he makes it to the cave. He flies as close as he can to it and at the last second he pulls up, narrowly missing the cliff face. The beast wasn’t as lucky. It can’t pull up in time and smashes head on into the cliff and gets buried under all the falling rock.
Triumphant, Lewa continues his search when yet another massive flying object flies by. Only this time he knew exactly what it was. The Makuta. And in her hand she was holding a familiar brown object. “Pohatu’s mask!” exclaims Lewa. He makes note of where she is headed and then flies off to the nearest search party.
Gali and Onua were surprised when Lewa joined them. Having shared what he witnessed, they began to walk towards their meeting grounds. Once the police had arrived with Pohatu’s torso and legs, they contacted Tahu. “Hey hot head?” said Lewa. “How’s your search going?”. “We found an arm.” Tahu replied. “Ok, meet at the meeting grounds. We have the rest, and something you need to hear.”
Once Tahu and Kopaka arrived they re-assembled what they found of their brother. All that was missing was his head and mask. Lewa told Tahu and Kopaka what he saw. And with that they ventured to the direction in which the Makuta headed. The police who accompanied them elected to stay behind because when people go to the lair of Makuta, they never return.
On their trek Gali comes to a halt. Everyone turns around to see a shadow latched to her feet. Tahu pulls out his staff to shoot the shadow when Gali is pulled down into the shadow and disappears. Baffled, the remaining Toa form a defensive circle. Where Gali was taken, a large figure rises from the ground. Taller than the Toa, bipedal, with large clawed hands and powerful legs. “I am Vortox! And I will protect my masters land at all cost.”
Onua hits the ground with a thud. Vortox is stronger than he anticipated. Being able to hold off four toa at the same time isn’t easy. But Vortox makes it look so. Nevertheless, Onua jumps back into the fight. The four of them coordinate their attacks by jumping on Vortox at the same time. But Vortox just spins his upper body around and around till they fling off. “This isn’t working!” shouted Tahu. “Hey. Why don’t we do that thing that Imprisoned the Rahkshi?” asks Lewa. “That might work.”replies Tahu. So he blasts Vortox with flames while Lewa blows sand at him. Encasing him in glass.

The four remaining Toa continue on their journey to Makuta’s lair. Not noticing however, that the glass that encases Vortox begins to crack slowly.

All Characters in this story that have existed before are the property of lego and are not being used for financial benefit

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This is pretty good. Keep up the good work!

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