BIONICLE G2 Fanfic Story: The Awakening --- Chapter 3

I posted a preview of the first 2 chapters earlier, so I figured I might follow up on that :smiley:

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Chapter 3

Kivoda, Protector of Water, was in his house’s kitchen making breakfast for his two sons when he heard the alarm go off. After the death of Kivoda’s wife, he was in charge of family affairs and taking care of the kids. In the distance, he heard the faint call of a group of horns.

“Father, what’s that noise outside?” one of his sons asked.

“Wait here,” Kivoda replied, as he ran to grab his Elemental Torpedo Blaster.

He opened the door and looked out. In the distance, he saw several Okotans standing at the top of the stairs to enter the Forge of the Mask Makers. They were all blowing their horns.

“Stay here, my sons. Lock the door. Don’t go out,” Kivoda warned his children.

The children did as they were told. They shut the door, after they saw Kivoda leave with blaster in hand.

Kivoda gripped his blaster tightly as he ran through the streets and alleyways. It has only been four months since they moved into the city, but Kivoda had a good mental map in his mind, so he was able to get to the forge in little time.

“The Protector of Water is coming! Make way!” shouted the Fire tribe Okotan. They all stood to the side. The Protector of Water ran up the stairs, exhausted.

“What’s going on?” he asked the prison guards.

“There’s been a breakout, and three of our prison guards have been killed in the ensuing skirmish,” he replied, “…and the prisoner is dangerous.”

“May I take a look?” Kivoda asked.

They moved aside for the Protector of Water to enter. He walked to the entrance of the dungeon, and slowly opened the door. He descended down the dungeon stairs, and he peered over the railing. He saw three dead bodies, a half burst open column of dirt, and an open cell door.

“Oh, dear,” he muttered.

He went into the open cell. He looked around and saw unlocked shackles and a bowl of rotten food. A dead Jungle tribe Okotan’s body was jutting out of the open cell, dried up blood pooled around his broken mask.

“Who was in here before?’ Kivoda asked the prison guards.

The prison guards hesitated, not wanting to be the first one to answer. They glanced at each other, nervously.

“Who was in here before?” Kivoda demanded, getting more impatient by the second.

“Sk-Skull Basher,” one of the guards stammered, nervous.

“This isn’t good. Tell the local militias to start looking for him. He couldn’t have already left the region if he broke out just last night. Go!”

{This happened before Kivoda started to head to the forge.}

Ekimu was asleep in bed when he was roused awake by the cry of several horns in rapid succession. He got up, took off his mask, and rubbed his eyes before putting it back on. Ekimu preferred to keep the Mask of Creation in a secure vault that only he knows the pin for. He walked over to the edge of the room, and looked through his window. In the distance he saw the looming, pyramidal shape of his forge with a giant anvil structure dominating the top. He looked closely and saw that several silhouetted figures were blowing horns.

They only blow horns in rapid succession if a very dangerous prisoner has escaped, Ekimu thought, terrified by the prospect of a dangerous criminal running amok in the city. He quickly grabbed his hammer and his shield and ran out the bedroom door to his vault. He punched in the numbers on the lock and grabbed his mask. Ekimu placed it on instead of his regular Protector mask and felt the surge of energy through his body. He then bolted out the door. Some startled Okotans watched him racing through the streets. They looked on and saw that he was heading to his forge.

Ekimu reached the forge in three minutes flat, bolting at top speed. He arrived at the forge, exhausted. He went into the dungeon and saw Kivoda kneeling over the corpses of a dead Ice and Water tribe Okotans. He also saw the other prison guards looking on, tense expressions splayed out on their faces.

Ekimu tapped Kivoda on the shoulder gently. Kivoda whirled around, taken aback.

“Ekimu! What’s going on?” Kivoda asked.

“I was about to ask you the same question,” Ekimu replied, gesturing towards the stray vines and the open cell door.

“Wait, what’s this?” Ekimu asked, pointing towards the open cell door.

“See for yourself,” Kivoda replied, placing a hand on Ekimu’s back and guiding him towards the cell door.

Ekimu peered in and saw the body of a dead Jungle tribe Okotan with dried up blood pooled around his head. Next to him he saw a smashed Rapid Shooter and a bowl of rotting food, contents astray all across the dirty ground. Next to the dead Okotan, he saw a tablet. On it was some hastily scrawled Okotan text making up two words. Ekimu picked it up and squinted at it, trying to decipher its meaning. It took him a solid minute for the fact to register in his brain. Without knowing it, he had dropped the tablet. He muttered a name, in a deathly soft voice.

“Skull Basher.”

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