BIONICLE The Awakening G2 Fanfic Story -- Chapter 2

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BIONICLE The Awakening
Chapter 2

A lone Fire tribe Okotan prison guard was making his rounds around the dungeon at dawn when he noticed an open cell door. Inside he saw a bowl of food, rotting, and a dead Okotan with dried up blood pooled around his shattered mask and armor.

“Uh oh, there must’ve been a breakout,” he said, nervous.

It got worse as he went on. He saw two partially collapsed columns of dirt, revealing two more dead prison guards. He noticed the vines constricted around their throats. Their eyes were open, unseeing. He knelt down and touched two fingers to their neck. He did this to both of the dead Okotans.

“Nothing,” he said, trying to feel their pulse.

He noticed a Rapid Shooter discarded on the floor. It was still loaded with ammunition.

“Looks like they didn’t do a good job catching the prisoner,” he muttered.

He picked up the Rapid Shooter and aimed it. He walked around with the gun ready, hoping to shoot the prisoner on sight. It was there that he decided to check inside the open prison cell. He slowly went inside the unlocked door. He felt a bit nauseous after laying eyes on the dried up blood. Something hastily scrawled on the wall caught his attention.

“Prison…cell……2343…” he read aloud, trying to translate the text. He also saw a tablet on the ground. On it he saw some hastily scribbled writing making up two words. It was illegible to him, so he did not bother to read it.

An idea began to form in his head.

He ran back to the warden’s office. As soon as he ran in, he saw the warden resting his legs on his desk, sleeping. The warden was an elderly Stone tribe Okotan who often wasn’t aware of what was going on around him. The Okotan prison guard quickly opened some drawers, and after a few minutes of searching he found a prison cell list that contained info of who was in each cell. His eyes quickly scrolled down to cell 2343. Next to it, he saw this name:
Skull Basher

He bolted out of the room and out of the dungeon. He ran out the entrance of the Forge of Mask Makers and towards the staircase. He pulled out his horn and blew on it as loud as he could.

“Escaped prisoner!” he shouted, running into the dungeon at top speed. “Escaped prisoner!”

“Do you really have to shout?” asked a tired and yawning Earth tribe prison guard, roused awake by the screams and shouts.

“Yes! Look outside and see for yourself! There are three of our dead prison guards!” The Fire tribe Okotan shouted.

The other guard groaned and hobbled off his chair. He limped outside.

“Where are the dead bodies like you say there are?” he asked.

“You’ll see. Move along,” the fire tribe Okotan replied.

The Earth tribe Okotan walked throughout the dungeon, scanning for signs of prisoner activity. He noticed an open cell door. He peeked inside, saw the puddle of blood, and fainted. The Fire Okotan caught him.

“Easy there. Don’t faint,” the Fire Okotan said, catching him.

“Alright. We need to grab our horns and sound the alarm. Let’s just hope Ekimu notices in time,” the Earth Okotan said, snapping out of his nausea.

Four other prison guards followed them to check out the scene. The Fire Okotan motioned for them to get going. They ran up the stairs to Ekimu’s forge, and grabbed their horns. They went out to the stairs leading up to the forge, and blew their horns in a rapid succession.

Skull Basher and Skull Slicer ran into some trouble while they were making their
way to the mountains. A convoy of vehicles belonging to the Protector of Water’s bodyguards spotted them and pursued the two Skull Raiders to the edge of a rocky outcropping jutting out above a canyon. The two Skull Raiders made short work of the convoy, killing each Okotan stealthily and efficiently. They sat down to rest for a few seconds, unaware they were being watched by some other Okotans.

Skull Slicer pulled out a map and laid it on the ground. It was a parchment map of Okoto, drawn in black ink. He had found it earlier while running.

“So, we’re here,” he said, pointing to an area just to the west of the City of the Mask Makers in the Region of Water. “…and we need to go here,” he said, pointing to the big mass of mountains in the center of the island.

“We need to open up the underground tunnels before we can access the underground city,” Skull Basher said. “As far as I know, they’re still sealed after the cursed Toa and Ekimu came in and wrecked the whole place.”

They noticed the sun rise approximately an hour ago. In the distance, they heard the alarm set off by the prison sentries. No doubt Ekimu would have noticed by now. If not Ekimu, probably Kivoda or Vizuna is heading there.

“We should go into the mountains and rest there–” Skull Slicer began. He was interrupted by a sharp punch to the midriff which sent him flying. His mask dislodged and fell, sprawling across the ground. It came to a stop at the edge of the canyon’s rim.



“You do what I say. Period,” Skull Basher warned, an unmistakable edge to his voice. “Any stepping out of line and my axe will be at your throat before you can
blink. Understood?”

“Who made you my leader?” Skull Slicer demanded.

“You barely have any true fighting experience, so why does it matter? After all, all you did was play Hammer Flush all day long.” Skull Basher replied, almost sounding bored. He grabbed a maskless Skull Slicer by the throat and hauled him off. Skull Basher geared up for the long trek through the freezing cold mountains. He had his cloak ready, and he put it on. The sun was almost up now, and he did not doubt a single bit that the Protectors were out hunting for him. He used his axes to scale the rim of the canyon and descend down. It was not easy, having to carry an unconscious Skull Slicer and descend down a rocky cliff. He reached the bottom and crossed the river, heading in the direction of the freezing cold mountains that dominated Okoto’s geography.

I better head to the underground city, and fast, Skull Basher thought.

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