BIONICLE The Awakening G2 Fanfic Story -- Chapter 1

BIONICLE The Awakening

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Chapter 1
A year after the defeat of Makuta

Vagah the Skull Slicer suddenly woke to a familiar voice in his head, demanding for Skull Slicer to release him. He recognized it as Kulta’s. He found himself amidst a lot of rubble and debris. He got up and brushed himself off. He glanced at one of his arms and saw that it was broken. No doubt the result of his fall. He saw his reflection in a shard of glass and found out that he somehow still had his mask on.

“Curse those stupid Toa,” he muttered to himself. He tried to move it, but a jolt of pain shot up his frame.

Hey, at least I’m lucky enough to have three other arms, he thought to himself.

He looked at his top right arm and saw that his armor was glowing brighter than ever before.

“Kulta must be alive somewhere,” he said, scanning the area for his hook swords. “Why else would he reach out to me?”

He spotted a gleam of silver jutting out from under a rock. He walked toward it. Upon closer inspection he saw it was his hook sword. It shined brightly under all the debris, even under the blackness of the night. It was just waiting to be sheathed in the blood of a Toa. Vagah pulled it out.

“Wow, my sword somehow managed to survive the fall,” he murmured. “And it isn’t even dirty in the slightest.”

He flexed one of his arms, and suddenly a vine shot out and grabbed another one of his hook swords.

Must have been the effect of wearing the Golden Mask of Jungle.

The very thought of the mask triggered some of the recent nightmares he had been having, of the Toa hunting him down and killing him, of Kulta doing the same for him failing to kill the Toa.

“Best not to think about it,” he said out loud, pushing the thoughts from his mind.

He glanced up and saw that the floor of the arena, or to him, the ceiling of this underground shaft, was almost sealed. A tiny crack in the ceiling allowed him to look at the outside world. Seeing this, a plan formed in his mind. He dug his two swords into the incredibly slick wall and started to climb. When he reached the top of the underground shaft, he saw a ledge. Using his agility, he leapt onto it and planted his feet firmly on it. He raised his other two hands and shot vines out of them. He willed the vines to pull open the two stone semicircular doors of the underground shaft. After it was open, he used his vines to swing out of the shaft and land on the arena floor, above ground. He felt the breeze of the night air against his frame.

“Ah, this feels so much better than being trapped in an underground cell,” he said to himself, smiling.

Even though he was in a coma for quite a long time, Skull Slicer seemed to remember everything.

“Where did Kulta and the rest go? Were they defeated by those stupid Toa?” he wondered.

He started to make a mental note of where the rest of the Skull Army would be. He then suddenly remembered a vision in his dreams where he saw Motarek the Skull Basher being led into prison by Ekimu.

“Ekimu’s forge, that must be where they are.”

Vagah put on his tattered and torn cloak and set off into the shadows.

Motarek stirred in his cell. He had a fitful sleep, plagued by visions and nightmares. In one particular nightmare he was in a fight with Kulta. Kulta had decided to punish him for his failure in eliminating the Toa when he had the chance. He tried to repel Kulta’s attacks with his axes, but Kulta had the better skill and strategy. Kulta kicked him hard in the midsection and he was sent sprawling across the cliff, disarmed. Kulta had seized Skull Basher by the throat and was suffocating him. He was dangling above a giant chasm filled with rocky, sharp spikes.

“Let me go, Kulta! I’m sorry for not doing what you asked! Let me go!”
“You failed me and my expectations. This is your punishment, and I find it adequate enough.”

The nightmare ended there. Motarek felt himself falling into the chasm, felt the spike in his chest. He awoke, gasping for breath. He frantically looked around, and was relieved when he didn’t see anything or anyone else in the cell. He rubbed his head and winced. His hand groped across his face for his mask, an act that became habitual ever since he was imprisoned. A green armored Okotan guard passed by. He was carrying a bowl of sorts. He opened the cell door slowly, fearful of what would happen. He pulled out his Rapid Shooter and had it pointed at Motarek. He regarded the Okotan with curiosity, while he was being watched with fear. An idea began to form in his mind. As soon as the Okotan set down the bowl of food, Motarek charged him with his minotaur tusks and sent him flying. The Okotan hit the ground hard and fell unconscious, his mask shattering. Blood started to pool around his head. Motarek ran out the unlocked door and bolted towards the staircase that led out of the dungeon and to Ekimu’s forge.

“That was a bit noisy,” he muttered.
“FREEZE!” shouted a white armored Okotan prison guard.
“Surrender,” said a Water tribe Okotan, his gun trained on the maskless Skull Basher.

Just at that moment, Vagah came charging in, and shot vines out of his hands that strangled the guards.

“AAAAHHHHH! Let me go!” the guards screamed as the vines constricted around their throats.

He observed what Skull Slicer was doing.

Motarek had his hands pointed towards the struggling Okotans. He pooled all his strength and tried to focus it into his hands. Soon enough, two columns of earth rose up and enveloped the Okotans, sucking out all their air.

“Let’s go,” Vagah told him, handing him his Bull Skull Mask and his two axes. “After all, we have a Skull Army to revive.”

They fled into the shadows, armor glowing red much brighter than ever before.

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