BIONICLE G2 Story Theories/Analysis Topic

Pretty good summarization.

How do you think the masks became hidden?

Oh! And here’s a thought.

What if the Toa Masks are just the Mask of ultimate power, separated.

As in, when Ekimu Whacked his hammer at Makuta, it shattered the masks into six different areas of the island.

The only problem with this type of idea, is the fact that the mask of ultimate power seems to look a lot like the Golden Skull Spider.

Considering Makuta and Ekimu where so close to the shock-wave, it probably blasted the masks far away. I think perhaps the protectors are going to protect the masks, making sure the Skull Spiders don’t get their hands on it.

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How about the origin of the Skull spiders?

I kind of thought that some spider happen to stumble upon the mask and against its will was used as a body for the services of the ultimate mask of power.

Perhaps. I don’t know where the Skull Spiders will come from. Perhaps they are like the Rahi, and are just the creatures of Okoto that where turned evil by the presence of the Mask of Ultimate Power.

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What if Makuta is awaken by accident and creates the Skull Spiders to do his bidding?


Perhaps. That would be kinda cool!

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Plus, since Kanohi in G2 contain powers and elements, as Kretta has theorized in another topic, Makuta could be trying to recover due to the lose of his mask. But he does have enough energy to create is the Skull Spiders.


That could be very well true. But how could he make the Skull Spiders without the Mask of Creation? And I don’t think he’s going to steal it (or, at least not yet).

Also, what are your guy’s opinions on the new Makuta?


I feel this Makuta’s not as sinister and intimidating as the original.

Also, G2 Makuta has made masks before and he didn’t wear the Mask of Creation.

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Hello! If you are meeting me for the first time, I am a blind fanboy.


But still, I am really liking the story’s opening.

So much shine to it too.

In other words, I am really excited for everything that they’re doing right now.

Makuta retains his color scheme too!

The first one shows him as gold and purple. Remember, The most powerful Kraata, were purple.

The second one shows him as a red and shadowy gray, again! :smiley:

But, in retrospect. What is up with his ram horns? (My only dislike, but I can see how it works.)

Well, you must remember, Makuta was not evil when he first began. He eventually got jealous of Mata Nui, and become one of the evilest and most powerful figures in BIONICLE.

The new Makuta seems to be starting off the same way: He was fueled with Jelousy, and did something evil to take control. However, both Makuta and Ekimu fell into slumber. However, I think Makuta may wake up, hunt down the Mask of Ultimate Power, and use it to try to defeat the Toa, who then get the Mask of Creation to stop him.

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Good point.

Also, the mask of control kind of makes him look kind of menacing, no?

Yes. Most likely he’ll try to enslave the Protectors or the Skull Spiders, using his Mask of Control to do so.

Also, perhaps the Toa create a Mask that allows them to combine together into two ancient beings: Wairuha and Akamai. Then, as these ancient beings, they defeat the Makuta.


So the Mask of Control mutates the target in the process?

No. I was trying to say that it could either A) Control the protectors to make them work against the Toa, or B) Control the Skull Spiders to do his bidding.

Also, either the Kaita could work, or perhaps they could combine the power of the Golden Masks to defeat Makuta. But I like the first one better.

Also, has anyone noticed there are three powerful masks this year? There is Creation, Control, and Power.


I’m thinking that targets possessed by the Mask of Control not only are under the influence of the wearer, but are also mutated in ways the user sees fit. It’s much like the Brains in HF.

I don’t want that to happen. I think it would be better if it worked like a mind-control thing, like the Krana, but did not mutate anyone. Trust me, we don’t need Protectors becoming Skull Spiders. That would be just too weird.

Also, has anyone noticed that after Makuta wears the Mask of Ultimate Power, he turns from Gold and Purple to Black and Red? He stays that way, too, even after the mask is off his face.



So, I think it’s pretty cool.

Yeah, I know what you said. But I was trying to state was that perhaps he keeps the black and red Color-Scheme.


I’m pretty sure he will as long as he is evil.

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